Do You Really Know What Your Parents Are Eating?

A friend of mine discovered her mother was living on cigarettes and chocolate.  Another friends Mother passed away and her apartment was cluttered with pizza and Chinese delivery boxes.  They never knew.

Nutrition discussions often focus on children and their eating habits. But do you know what your parents are eating?

Freshly prepared, home delivered meals
When Rita Kuznia, 53, of Janesville, MN, got the call her father-in-law had been hospitalized for dehydration, it became apparent the 85-year old, along with his 85-year old wife, were no longer able to provide proper nutrition for themselves. “They were also eating a diet heavy in starches,” said Kuznia. “And my father-in-law was gaining weight but couldn’t understand why.”

The challenge for Rita and her husband was that both were working full-time and living 90 miles away, and she knew she could not be responsible for preparing and delivering nutritious, appetizing meals for her in-laws every day.

Now there are solutions for the 6 million seniors who are at risk - home delivered, freshly prepared meals that are available in a huge variety.  Home delivered meals ensure seniors get the protein and nutrients needed at each meal by delivering fresh-made, ready-to-heat meals directly their door.  They're tasty - fresh, not frozen.  These aren't Lean Cuisines for seniors.

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Studies have shown up to 53% of the elderly are malnourished at the time they enter a hospital. “This population is more likely to be hospitalized, and once hospitalized, have a longer length of stay and have poorer health outcomes than people not suffering from malnutrition,” he said.

It is estimated that up to 44% of the homebound elderly population becomes malnourished, the result of an unbalanced diet lacking essential nutrients. Getting to a grocery store can be a challenge, and for those lacking mobility, suffering from poor eyesight, arthritis, or other health conditions, shopping for and/or preparing meals is almost impossible. Senior meals can be a simple solution to an often overwhelming problem.

Convenient home delivery - fresh.
According to a recent landmark study including more than 50,000 U.S. households, nearly 6 million seniors are at risk.

For many boomers who are now caregivers, home delivered meals provide peace of mind.  While the frozen meals in stores may cheaper, they aren't necessarily nutritionally balanced and can contain high levels of sodium.  Plus, they are frozen and a somewhat tasteless.  People can quickly develop taste fatigue and not want to eat them.

Proper nutrition, especially in the elderly, is the key to extending life, enabling independence for a longer period of time, and avoiding costly medical intervention for a variety of ailments which can be exacerbated by this serious condition,

The CareGiver Partnership is now offering a variety of freshly prepared home delivered meals to meet the needs of boomer children who worry about their parents and may not live close enough to help them out.

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Unknown said...

This is such a great topic to bring out in the public. I have felt the same way with my grandmother. My family just found out that she lives on red wine and cheese, one of the more unhealthy combinations to consume everyday. I started coming over more and more because she just ordered new furniture and she needed me to let the Furniture Delivery Service worker in the door. While I was over her house, I went out to the grocery sore around the corner. At the store I picked up a bunch of beans and spinach for a soup. Turns out she loved the soup and we have now introduced a healthier option for her. Thanks for sharing this topic, I really appreciate it.

CareGiver Partnership said...

I am so glad you found this article helpful. It is a topic that needs shared, indeed. How wonderful that you were able to introduce some healthier options to your grandmother.

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