Muscle Damage Was Leading to Accidental Bowel Leakage (ABL)

Tens of millions of men and women experience ABL. 
I have four beautiful children. They are a huge part of my life and bring me a lot of joy. My pregnancies were relatively painless, for which I am so grateful. And I was able to give birth to them without a cesarean-section! 

I like to joke that they better be good because I was pushing for hours to get them out and here. But I know they were worth every minute of anguish and pain. At least most days I feel that way.

All in all, my story is pretty typical. Mom, maid, chauffer, etc. I loved getting out and doing things with my kids. One day we were on a bike ride, and I had a little accident. I could not believe that I, a grown woman, had pooped a little in my pants. I was mortified, and hurried my kids home so I could clean up. The next day when they asked if we could ride bikes again I said, “No.”

I was terrified that I would leak again. I had thrown my underwear away to get rid of the evidence, and increased my fiber intake. I was not sick. I did not have the flu, so why was I leaking?

A week later I had another accident while dropping my kids off at school. I was not even doing anything strenuous. That is when I knew I needed to get some help. As embarrassing as it was, I went to see my doctor. I couldn’t put up with no longer feeling confident to spend time with my children.

My doctor was very understanding, and even told me that my problem was very common. In fact, tens of millions of men and women experience accidental bowel leakage (ABL). It is when the bowel leaks a little stool, and it can be triggered by sensitive bowels, everyday stresses, or exercise. There are some conditions that are closely associated with ABL, such as irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, obesity, and pelvic floor disorders. However, since I did not have any of those conditions, we had to look for a different cause for my ABL.

My doctor performed a few tests, paying close attention to the sphincter, anus, and rectal muscles, and using an ultra-sound he discovered some muscle damage. He determined it was likely due to the straining and pushing I had done during childbirth, and I was only now seeing the symptoms because my muscles were further weakened with age, and condition.

I was so relieved to know muscle damage was causing my accidental bowel leakage, and that there was something I could do about it. He put me on a treatment plan to try and correct the muscle damage, and suggested in the meantime I use an absorbent product to help manage my leaks and give me confidence to live my every-day life. 

Butterfly Body Liners are designed for those with light ABL.
Butterfly Body Liners are an awesome and unique product designed for those with light ABL. They provide discreet, secure protection, and provide 2 x the absorbency of any other anal leakage pad. They fit comfortably between the buttocks, and stay in place with a gentle adhesive.

Thanks to Butterfly pads, I can ride bikes with my kids, attend their games, concerts, and events and not feel anxiety about my ABL.

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