My Doctor Recommended Crisco as a Facial Cream?!

TriDerma. Vanderlaan's answer to her
doctor's recommendation to use Crisco. 
 TriDerma was founded in 1992 after Gloria Vanderlaan had a dermabrasian procedure. With an arduous healing process, Vanderlaan searched for a product to help nourish and heal her skin faster, but her doctor’s only recommendation was to use Crisco, the heavy, greasy cooking oil.

Hesitant to put cooking oil on her raw, peeling skin, Vanderlaan set out on a mission to develop products that would help repair her skin faster, without the use of harmful cortisones, parabens and other damaging drugs. In a short period of time, Vanderlaan created the answer when she established TriDerma’s Certified Genuine Organic Aloe Vera complex.

Medical grade effectiveness without the
expense and side effects of prescription drugs. 

In its infancy, TriDerma was sold strictly as a specialized skin care product to doctors, estheticians, plastic surgeons and medical supply stores.
Knowing that there was so much more her products could do, Vanderlaan set out to directly connect with her customers. Her effort led to the expansion of TriDerma’s sales channels, making it easily more accessible to consumers.

Without changing its premier medical strength formulas, TriDerma launched its products into retailing like The CareGiver Partnership. While TriDerma started out with postsurgical products, Vanderlaan leveraged the Certified Genuine Organic Aloe Vera complex as a base to expand her product lines, creating treatment solutions for: acne, psoriasis, eczema, dry skin, diabetic skin, cold sores, burns, aging skin and infant skin.

Today, TriDerma is growing at a rapid rate. A woman-owned family company, TriDerma now has more than 100 product SKUs that are sold nationally and internationally.

Today, TriDerma products provide medical grade effectiveness without the expense and side effects of prescription drugs
  • Fast healing without a prescription and side effect
  • Faster relief for problem skin
  • Specialized formulas for specific skin conditions
TriDerma formulas provide superior healing compared to mostly ineffective water-based products sold in the big stores. That's because TriDerma uses a proprietary harvesting method to maintain more than 200 biologically active healing properties including natural anti-inflammatories, antiseptics and analgesics. The forumulas contain AP4® - an organically grown genuine virgin aloe in a highly concentrated state.

Learn more about our complete line of TriDerma products.

Gloria Vanderlaan
Founder and CEO

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