Could Psyllium Fiber Help Your Fecal Incontinence?

Could Psyllium Fiber Help Your Fecal Incontinence?
Do you have a fear of farting? Exercise? Being out in public? If you answered yes chances are you are amongst the thousands of adult Americans that have a condition known as fecal incontinence.

Do you suffer from fecal incontinence? It is a condition where you accidentally or involuntarily let out mucus or solid or liquid stool through the rectum. The severity varies from just a little involuntary passage of stool or gas, to complete bowel movements. This can be a condition that is not only embarrassing, but that can lead to isolation and frustration.

There are many ways to treat and manage fecal incontinence, and some prove to be more effective than others. 

For example, when seeking to manage symptoms to make it easier to socialize, work, and not worry about unexpected leaks, a good absorbent product is important. Traditional fecal incontinence products are large, bulky, and uncomfortable. But that is not the case for the Butterfly Body Liner, which is a great option for those with light fecal incontinence.

It has a unique butterfly shaped design that fits snuggly between the buttocks, and is easy to put into place. It is held in place with a gentle adhesive, and has wings to help with sanitary removal.

The Butterfly body liner protects against leaks in a comfortable and discreet way. It is very absorbent, and has an odor protector, making it a great option for those with light fecal incontinence. 

The Butterfly Body Liner is
 a great option for those with light fecal incontinence.
These liners are a great way to gain confidence in going out, but there are other ways to help reduce episodes and treat fecal incontinence. In fact, a new study shows that psyllium, a dietary fiber, might be able to help reduce fecal incontinence frequency. When compared to other dietary fibers it outperformed and gave positive results.

In the study, the participants who were given the psyllium saw a decrease in FI frequency, and gel in feces. The participants tolerated the supplement well, and did not see adverse effects.

If simply taking a dietary fiber supplement could help treat and reduce fecal incontinence, why wouldn’t you try it? You can buy psyllium dietary supplements online on Amazon. 

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