Growing Older Does Not Mean Growing Incontinent

6 reasons why using this incontinence product can be the right choice.
Most people are surprised to learn nearly 25 million people must deal with the challenges of incontinence. When people think of this issue they automatically assume the typical person with incontinence is elderly, ill and possibly even bedridden. However, the reality is the majority of people with incontinence are active, hold jobs, and have full lives. This makes it crucial they are able to find the right incontinence product to help them manage this issue so they can continue on with their daily activities.

Incontinence is not normal. It is important to understand while several of the risk factors for incontinence are more common as we age, incontinence itself is not a normal aging issue. If you are seeking treatment for your incontinence and your doctor simply brushes it off due to aging it is important to find a healthcare provider who will work with you to find the appropriate treatment for your incontinence symptoms.

However, it should be stated incontinence treatment can take time so it is important to have the right incontinence product. Having the right incontinence supplies can help you or someone in your care effectively deal with the challenges of incontinence and help you to manage them effectively. One of the most effective incontinence products is the Prevail Pull-On Underwear-Extra Absorbency. There are 6 reasons using this incontinence product can be the right choice for you.
  • Prevail Pull-On Underwear - Extra Absorbency is a unisex product. This makes it ideal for those who wish to have the look and feel of underwear regardless of gender. There is no need to settle for a “diaper like” feel with your incontinence product. 
  • Prevail Pull-On Underwear - Extra Absorbency is easy to put on and take off. The wearer of this incontinence product will find changing extremely easy and caregivers who need to help with changing will find this incontinence product easy to remove when assisting with changing. 
  • Prevail Pull-On Underwear - Extra Absorbency has a stretchable cloth-like back. This soft material makes wearing this incontinence product comfortable and leaves the wearer feeling secure they are receiving the highest level of protection against leaks and accidents. Having a secure fit in the back of the incontinence product can provide the extra protection needed. 
  • Prevail Pull-On Underwear - Extra Absorbency comes in a wide range of sizes. Size is extremely important when it comes to incontinence supplies. If the sizing is not correct then the wearer is not only uncomfortable but also will not receive the needed level of protection. Prevail offers their incontinence underwear in sizes that range from Youth/Small to XLarge. More sizes than even the big advertised brands. This allows both the user and caregiver is needed to choose the right size for them. 
  • Prevail Pull-On Underwear - Extra Absorbency ships in discrete boxes. There is no need to worry about shopping in front of prying eyes or having the neighbors see your incontinence product has arrived in the mail. Prevail understands the need for discretion and ships in boxes that will not be noticeable to others. 
  • Prevail Pull-On Underwear - Extra Absorbency is manufactured in the United States. Like the surprise in the bottom of the Cracker Jack box, its nice to know that Prevail is made in the U.S. supporting American jobs. It makes us furious when we discover products are made outside the U.S. that could be made here. Cheaper isn’t the only thing.

Samples to Try Before You Buy

The CareGiver Partnership also offers an incontinence sample service to help you avoid the costly mistake of ordering a case of product that does not meet your needs – risk free. They offer over 100 different samples-- styles, sizes, and absorbencies to choose from. The cost is only $3.49 for shipping. Their Try Before You Buy Sample Service – helps you avoid the costly mistake of ordering a case of product that does not meet your needs – risk free.

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