The Great Walker Dilemma

Walking with a cane became a challenge
and a burden for Miss Iva Lou.  
For those who lack mobility or fear falling, a walker is often the first and most important mobility aid purchase. For those who are losing mobility or who lack balance, walkers provide a wide and solid base that facilitates walking and minimizes the risk of falling. In our experience, caregivers will face two important challenges as they help their loved one transition to life with a walker or rollator. 

The 1st Challenge

Unfortunately, first time walker users can be hesitant and even upset at the thought that they may need the assistance of a walker to move around.  My mother used to drive to her grocery store and hunt for a cart in the lot.  On more than one occasion, she'd have to return home because all the carts had been returned to the inside of the store.  She would get so mad when they did that.  The shopping cart was her disguised walker. To my Mom and many others, a walker or rollator can signify a loss of independence and can even be embarrassing. Convincing your loved one that he or she needs the assistance of a walker or rollator can be a large hurdle.

My sweet land lady, Iva Lou, is almost 93 years old. She has been alone in her home for more than 30 years. Iva Lou is a very independent person that takes a great deal of pride in the fact that she is self-sufficient even at her age. When I first met Iva Lou she used a cane to help her balance as she moved around the house. It was apparent that despite the help of the cane, walking had become a challenging burden for Iva Lou. I quickly suggested to Iva Lou that she use a walker to help her move around the house. While not excited by the thought of using a walker, Iva Lou reluctantly agreed and allowed me to bring her a walker. This was a small step that has allowed Iva Lou to regain her confidence and sense of safety at home.

The 2nd Challenge

Walkers and rollators come in all different sizes, shapes, designs, and colors. Some have 2 wheels, some have no wheels, and some come with 4 wheels. There are hundreds of brands, models, and price points that make finding the right walker a challenge for any caregiver. Finding the right walker or rollator can be intimidating and frustrating for caregivers. Factors to consider when buying a walker are:

  • Size: Will this fit my loved one comfortably and will it fit through hallways and doorways. Most walkers and rollators are wide and have limited adjustments
  • Weight: Will my loved one be able to pack this around?
  • Wheels: Does my loved one need a walker with or without wheels?
  • Appearance: Will my loved one be satisfied with the way the walker looks in public or around the house?

The Stander Solution

Finding a balance between stability, portability, and affordability can be an all but impossible task. Luckily, Stander Inc. from Logan, Utah has re-invented the walker to address the four benefits consumers want: stability, lightweight, foldable (easy in and out of a car), and attractive. 

The EZ Fold N' Go Walker by Stander folds up 4x smaller
than your average medical grade walker. 
The EZ Fold N’ Go Walker by Stander weighs less than 8 lbs. and folds up 4x smaller than ordinary walkers. This unique patented folding design makes it easy to store in the car, shopping cart, or under the table at the restaurant.

Despite the lightweight frame and ability to fold, the EZ Fold N’ Go Walker supports up to 400 lbs! Its height adjustable frame accommodates users from 4’10”- 6’8”. The EZ Fold N’ Go walker comes with 6” swivel wheels to help you walk smoothly over any surface. Best of all, the EZ Fold N’ Go Walker comes in three attractive colors to match your loved ones personality and style.

After giving Iva Lou her Regal Rose EZ Fold N’ Go Walker she couldn’t believe she had gone this long without one. Iva Lou loves the fact that that this walker is so lightweight and easy to take with her in her car and at the grocery store. She also loves the fact that her girlfriends are now jealous of her sleek new walker that makes their bulky rollators seem frumpy and out of date.

The EZ Fold N’ Go Walker offers an all in one solution for those caregivers who are having hard time deciding which walker is right for their loved one. Because of its attractive design, the EZ Fold N’ Go Walker can also aid caregivers in convincing their loved ones to give walkers a shot. In every way the EZ Fold N’ Go Walker is the perfect solution for the great walker dilemma. 

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