TENA for Men. Protection following Prostate Surgery.

Having the right incontinence product can help you
better manage incontinence after prostate surgery.
What doctors don’t always tell you about prostate surgery

Most men feel a huge sense of relief after having prostate surgery or treatment for cancer when it has been successful. However, many of these men can also experience incontinence after having prostate surgery or receiving radiation for prostate cancer. Unfortunately, in some cases they are not made aware of this occurrence in advance. This can be at best disconcerting especially for men who have never had to deal with this issue before. If you are a man in this situation it is important to understand while this can complicate your daily routine for awhile there are strategies which can help you to better manage this issue. Having the right incontinence product is one of them.

This is how many feel following prostate surgery. When you are choosing any incontinence product it is important to understand not all incontinence is the same. There are different types of urinary incontinence that vary in severity. Some men will only experience a dribble while others will have total leakage. Stress incontinence is the most common kind of incontinence men experience after prostate surgery. Many men will find they have a loss of urine when they cough, sneeze or laugh. Men who have received radiation treatment will often experience urge incontinence which is an overwhelming feeling of having to urinate which often results in leakage. The good news is no matter what type of incontinence you are experiencing there is an incontinence product which can help. TENA for MEN is one of the best. TENA for MEN offers a variety of different options for men with incontinence who need a product following prostate surgery or radiation. These options include: pads, guards and incontinence underwear in a variety of different styles.
  • TENA for MEN incontinence guards offer protection where men need it most. They are anatomically designer to provide the highest level of protection possible. They also offer men who are experiencing light to moderate urinary incontinence protection against leakage. These incontinence guards are both discrete and comfortable which allows the man on the go to continue to participate in his daily activities. In addition, TENA incontinence guards have high absorbency and built in odor control. Worn underneath close fitting underwear they can provide the protection a man needs following prostate surgery or radiation. 
  • TENA for MEN incontinence underwear is designed to look and feel more like regular underwear.The makers of TENA understand men who are trying to manage urinary incontinence want a product which is both discreet and comfortable. With TENA for MEN protective underwear they can have an incontinence product which looks and feels like regular underwear. It provides a body hugging, snug fit which protects against moderate to heavy incontinence. TENA for MEN have also improved the absorbency of this incontinence product. 
TENA for Men is one of the best. 
TENA protective underwear is now 40% more absorbent with Super Absorbent Micro Beads that provide advanced leakage protection where it is needed most. In addition, this incontinence product has a wider fit and core width between the legs which allows any fluid to move away from the body protecting delicate skin and keeping the wearer more comfortable and secure. The leg openings have also been redesigned with a better fit at the back. They are made from a soft, cloth like material and have a narrow and comfortable waistband which allows them to easily be pulled on and off just like regular underwear. Like all TENA for MEN incontinence products these protective underwear come with advanced odor protection. Users of this product can choose between Medium/Large (34”-50”) and X-Large (44”-64”). 

Choosing incontinence products can be confusing.

TENA also offers a full line of adult incontinence products for both men and women.. If you are unsure as to what TENA incontinence product would work best for you, The Caregiver Partnership can help you. They have developed the Free & Easy Incontinence Product Finder. It saves you time, money and frustration by making it easy to sort through hundreds of products - fast.

If you have questions you can call 800-985-1353 and speak with one of their knowledgeable product specialists. The call center is staffed by women age 55 and older who are all current or former caregivers themselves and are highly knowledgeable about the products offered.

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