Helping Your Healthcare Dollars Go Further, 7 Helpful Tips For Spending Less and Getting More

7 Tips For Spending Less and Getting More 
Do you feel like you are spending a lot on healthcare, and getting very little? You are not alone. Between doctor’s visits and medical supplies, it can sometimes feel like you are spending a fortune just to go about your daily routine. The following are 7 tips for spending less and getting more when it comes to incontinence:

Tip 1: Get the right product types

There are a lot of absorbent products available. One of the best ways to get the most for your money is to not pay for products you do not need. Instead, buy what you need in the right size, absorbency, and style. That way, every dollar you do spend is well spent. Here are the options:
  • Boxers- They offer the look and feel of regular boxer style underwear with as much absorbency as a pull-on option. 
  • Pull-on – Pull up and down like traditional underwear, but provide protection, comfort, and tear away sides for easy removal. 
  • Adjustable underwear- Designed for both men and women, these have tabs to reposition and adjust for fit. 
  • Briefs/adult diapers- For men and women, these offer the highest protection for heavy to complete loss of bladder and bowel control, as well as ease of use for caregivers. 
  • Undergarments- For more than a light leak, but not a full void. They are held in place with an elastic strap, and fasten with buttons and straps. 
  • Booster pads and inserts- These are pads designed to offer extra protection to other incontinence products.
  • Pads and Guards- These are designed for light bladder leakage, pad adheres to cloth underwear with an adhesive strip, and can be used with disposable underwear.

Tip 2: Choose the right fit

According to Kimberly-Clarks consumer research the average consumer wastes over $130 the first time they buy incontinence products. It is easy to get confused about products, brands, styles, and sizes, as well as absorbency, and end up with the wrong fit. Once a package is opened, it can’t be returned, making mistakes costly. In order to avoid making this costly mistake, try samples before buying cases. Samples can be purchased in sets of 4 for just $3.49. Call 800-985-1353 M-F 9-4 CST to talk to one of our product specialists, who will help you choose the best products for your needs.

Tip 3: Choose the right company

Spending your healthcare dollars where you know you are going to get the help you need, have qualified and knowledgeable help, and with a company that cares will make those dollars for further. The CareGiver Partnership was just named a Top 10 family caregiver resource along with AARP. In addition, two independent parties referred to The CareGiver Partnership as the Zappos of the home health care business. When looking for the right company to provide quality products and be a resource for caregiving, The CareGiver Partnership is it.

Tip 4: Take advantage of tax deductions

If you want to make your healthcare dollars go further, do not miss out on tax deductions and other ways to save. Learn more about how to do this.

Tip 5: Consider the whole person

Hospital stays and more medications mean added cost. Making a few lifestyle changes can lead to great health, and less healthcare expenses. Consider nutrition, skin care, and mobility aids, and other options that will help keep yourself or your loved one healthy in every way.

Tip 6: Find local resources

There are often local resources for seniors that can help with the expense and other challenges of aging. This might be a diaper bank that has incontinence supplies, or senior groups that can provide social settings and outings to keep spirits up. Take time to see what is offered in your area by checking out the phone book’s government section for aging and disability resources. If you can’t find anything, consider starting a group of your own.

Tip 7: Take advantage of insurance and flexible spending

Last, but not least, when looking to make your healthcare dollars go further, be sure to check that you have selected the best insurance plan for your situation, and that you are using things like flexible spending to get the most bang for your buck.
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