A Guide For Buying Incontinence Supplies Online

A guide to help you get the right protection at the right price...online.
Buying incontinence supplies can be slightly embarrassing. No one wants to walk through a department store with a cart full of adult diapers, thus making online purchasing of absorbent products a very popular option. However, there are some inherent problems with buying incontinence supplies online. The following is a guide to help you get the right protection at the right price.

1. Buy from a quality retailer. One of the biggest risks of buying online is that of purchasing from a fraudulent site, a site that takes far too long to ship, or someone with poor customer service etc. There are a lot of websites offering incontinence supplies. How can you know the good from the bad? The good will usually have the following:
  • Information on incontinence as well as supplies.
  • A phone number where they can be reached.
  • A wide selection of products to choose from.
  • A reputation for quality and customer service.
  • A secure site. 
The CareGiver Partnership was just named a Top 10 family caregiver resource along with AARP, and in addition to that, two independent parties referred to The CareGiver Partnership as the Zappo's of the home health care business. They have a reputation for knowing their stuff and putting their customer’s needs first. In addition, they offer 500 product options, far more than even the biggest retail store. 

2. They are personal products, get personal help: No one product can be called the best because it is a matter of personal preference, fit, comfort, and more. Getting personal help to choose from the wide variety and numerous brands to get the right absorbent product is key. The Caregiver Partnership has a team of product specialists that consumers can call at 800-985-1353 M-F 9-4 CST to get answers to their incontinence product questions, as well as many more answers to issues surrounding caregiving, incontinence, and senior care.

3. Try before you buy: Stats from Kimberly-Clark research show that the average consumer wastes $130 in trial and error. Don’t let that be you. It can be confusing to sort through brands, styles, sizes and absorbencies to make a purchase, and once a package is opened, it can’t be returned. To avoid the costly side of mistakes, consider ordering samples before buying cases. You can choose from more than 100 samples using our Sample Service.

4. Know your absorbency needs: Consider keeping a voiding diary, and discussing your needs with a healthcare professional so that you can get the product that best fits your unique situation. A printable voiding diary can help you and your doctor get a clear picture of your incontinence, and also your needed absorbency.

5. Remember supplies other than absorbent products: When buying incontinent products at a retail location, the absorbent products are located on the same shelves as the other supplies, such as skin cleansers, gloves, disposal options, bed pads, etc. Online, it is easier to forget about these often-necessary supplies. Keeping skin healthy is an important aspect to good incontinence management. When shopping online, think beyond the adult diapers.

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About The CareGiver Partnership. The CareGiver Partnership helps caregivers and their loved ones with answers to their caregiving questions, including information about home health care products and supplies, from our Wisconsin-based team of Product Specialists who are all current or former caregivers. The company’s Web site provides the largest online library of resources on subjects most important to caregivers — from arthritis to assisted living, and Parkinson’s to prostate cancer — as well as access to more than 3,000 home care products for incontinence, skin care, mobility, home safety and daily living aids. The CareGiver Partnership was founded in 2004 by Lynn Wilson of Neenah, Wisc. Visithttp://www.caregiverpartnership.com to learn more or call 1-800-985-1353.


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