Top Rated Incontinence Products For Women

Poise products are designed with women in mind.
When looking for the top rated incontinence products for women, it is important to understand what criteria are being rated. The ‘best’ absorbent products often depend on the goals or priorities of the individual. Here are some criteria to consider:

1. Looks like normal underwear

2. Fits well and feels like normal underwear.

3. Sized right for protection

4. A good value

5. Not confusing or misleading jargon

Here are our top picks by style type:

1. Pull-on – Pull on products pull up and down like traditional underwear, but provide protection. They offer cloth-like stretch panels for superior comfort, and tear away sides for easy removal. A great option are the Depend Silhouette for Women. They offer heavy absorbency, and are the most underwear like pull on available for women. 

2. Adjustable underwear- Designed for both men and women, have tabs to reposition and adjust for fit. They also offer tear away sides for easy changing. Prevail offers a unisex adjustable underwear for moderate to heavy incontinence, great for those on the go.

3. Briefs/adult diapers- Briefs offer the most protection for heavy to complete loss of bladder and bowel control. They are often called ‘adult diapers’ because they offer tape tabs for removal by caregivers. Wellness briefs are the most absorbent option.

4. Undergarments- These are designed for more than a light leak, but not a full void. They are held in place with an elastic strap, and fasten with buttons and straps. Attends Undergarments Belted Style are great for the larger individual that needs absorbency.

5. Pads- These are designed for light bladder leakage, pad adheres to cloth underwear with an adhesive strip, and can be used with disposable underwear. Poise Hourglass is a great option for the full-figured woman.

Our top recommendations for incontinence products for women are:

1. Poise: Poise offers the widest range from liners to very large pads, and are designed with women in mind.

2. Prevail: Prevail’s quality is equal to or better than the leading, advertised brand, but at a lower price, making them a great value.

3. Elyte: Elyte is made from cotton and is both soft and designed for those who have sensitive skin. They avoid all the harsh chemicals.

The Cargiver Partnership offers over 500 styles, sizes, absorbencies and brands available, many more than even the big stores. Call us at 800-985-1353, or utilize our Incontinence Product Finder, to help you find the best options for your absorbent needs.

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