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Many bowel incontinence sufferers choose Wellness
because of their absorbency rate. 
Bowel incontinence is a common problem that many people simply are not comfortable talking about.
However, the reality is that a large number of people must deal with this difficult problem. By understanding the causes of bowel incontinence, along with how to deal with it effectively, those who must manage fecal incontinence can find solutions that are effective in helping them take care of it and continue on with their daily lives.

There are a variety of different causes of bowel incontinence. It is important to understand what causes bowel incontinence in order to find the most effective solution to managing it. The causes of bowel incontinence can include but are not limited to:
  • Childbirth-One of the most common causes of bowel incontinence is damage to muscles and nerves that may occur directly at the time of vaginal childbirth. Many women can experience this problem even years after childbirth has occurred.
  • Anal or rectal surgery can often result in bowel incontinence. This occurs when the muscles or nerves that control the sphincter muscles have been traumatized or damaged.
  • Neurologic diseases such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, and spina bifida can also cause fecal incontinence. It has also been shown that complications of diabetes can also cause peripheral nerve damage leading to incontinence.
Individuals with inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis) and irritable bowel disease may develop fecal incontinence. 

Once the cause has been determined it is important that steps are taken to make the individual with this condition as comfortable as possible. If bowel incontinence is not treated in a proper and effective manner, it can leave the person with serious health problems ranging from skin irritation to serious infections. This makes it crucial that certain steps are taken. These steps should include:
  • Choosing the right incontinence product-Not all incontinence products are made to deal with bowel incontinence. The wearer of this product or caregiver will need to make sure that they are choosing a incontinence undergarment that is made to deal with bowel incontinence and will provide the highest degree of protection. When the proper incontinence supplies are used when managing bowel incontinence not only is the wearer more comfortable but is also protected against further health problems. Studies have shown that many bowel incontinence sufferers choose Abena, Tranquility and Wellness because of their absorbency rate.
  • Having the right cleaning supplies-Delicate skin can be irritated by coming into contact with fecal matter. This is especially true for those individuals who have fragile or aging skin. There are many different cleaning products from specially formulated wipes to gloves that can be used when changing an incontinence undergarment. This is crucial in helping to manage bowel incontinence. 
  • Skin protection-Not only is it important that the skin of the person with bowel incontinence be kept clean but also that their skin is protected. Today, there are many different skin care products that are made to provide a barrier between the incontinence undergarment and the skin of the wearer. This helps to prevent adult diaper rash and skin breakdown that can lead to other serious health problems. 
Because of the number of different bowel incontinence products that are available it can be confusing and overwhelming to try and find the right ones to meet your incontinence needs or that of your loved one. However, there are many options to help. provides an easy to use selection guide that can help you quickly select the bowel incontinence products that will work best for you. Visit our Incontinence Product Finder to begin this process.  If you need further help visit our Sample Service or call 800-985-1353 M-F 9-4 CST to talk to one of our product specialists.

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