State of the Art Age in Place Demonstration Center - Progress

In May, the Founders of The CareGiver Partnership began constructing an Age in Place demonstration center to focus attention on new building design that will allow baby boomer to remain in their homes much longer.

Here is a link to the original news release

These are pictures of the progress, about half way completed and showcases the zero-step entry, easy entry shower, wide doorways and hallways. 

Rear of home; zero-step out door porch to the right
Zero-step entry from back portico to sun room with 36" door to accommodate a wheelchair.

Extra wide hallways to accommodate a wheelchair

Toilet room - extra large with 36" door to accommodate a wheelchair.
Bracing will be added to the walls so that it is ADA certified and can easily be used by someone with a wheelchair.

Entry from the garage to the front hall will be easy and safe:  zero-step entry and 36" doorway

Zero-step from the garage to the front porch and a 36" doorway

The master shower will be zero-step once the flooring and tiling is completed.
Also note the wide entry that could accommodate a wheelchair. 

No-step entry from the Ante Room to the rear patio with a safe, non-skid surface and plenty of lighting

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