Guards Are Pads for Men with Incontinence

Urinary Incontinence is often untreated in men. 
Over 200 million people worldwide suffer from incontinence. While women are often the ones with incontinence because of things like childbirth, men are not an exception to this ailment. UI is often untreated in men, as they are too embarrassed to bring it up with their healthcare professional. Just because a lot of people suffer from incontinence doesn’t make it any less embarrassing.

Many men who have had prostate surgery struggle with incontinence as a side effect. A fact many doctors neglect to mention. One third to fifty percent of men experience urine leakage following surgery. Urine leakage following prostate surgery can be due to stress incontinence, urge incontinence or a combination of both. Learn more  about this side effect of prostate surgery, and options. 

Women have Poise pads, men have Depend Guards for Men. Guards are designed for light bladder leakage, they adhere to cloth underwear with an adhesive strip, and can be used with disposable underwear for extra protection. Guards are a great option for the man who needs some protection, but not full protection underwear, or who wants added protection against leakage.

Here are some of your choices and options for top of the line guards for men with incontinence:

1. Depend Guards for Men- Light protection guard for men, to be worn inside traditional underwear.

2. Depend Shields – This is a lighter protection in a thinner style than Depend Guards for Men. They are great for light leakage, and offer a discrete protection for men on the go.

3. Prevail Male Guards – These are similar to Depend Guards for Men at a lower cost.

4. TENA for Men – Again, similar to Depend Male Guards.

5. Attends Guards for Men – These offer light protection and lower cost.

6. Abena Guards for Men – These guards offer the heaviest protection in a larger size. This is the most absorbent guard on the market.

Kimberly-Clark research shows the average consumer wastes over $130 the first time they buy incontinence products. Why so much waste? It is easy to get confused about products, brands, styles, and sizes, as well as absorbency. Once a package is opened, it can’t be returned, making mistakes costly. In order to avoid making this costly mistake, try samples before buying cases. Samples can be purchased in sets of 4 for just $3.49. Call 800-985-1353 M-F 9-4 CST to talk to one of our knowledgeable ladies. These ladies are product specialists who are dedicated to helping you find the right products for your needs, and at the best price possible.

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Additionally, if you want to look on your own, you can quickly and easily sort through nearly 500 incontinence product choices with our Incontinence Product Finder. 

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