Adult Diaper Brands and Options

Different products help to manage different kinds of incontinence.
Those suffering from the medical condition of incontinence use adult diapers. Incontinence is a condition that causes loss of control in the bladder and/or bowel functions. However, it is important to know that there are many different kinds of incontinence that may need to be managed. Some of the most common kinds of incontinence are:

  • Stress incontinence-This type of incontinence occurs when the person when the person is being active and putting any stress or strain on their balder. This can be anything from as simple as a sneeze to more vigorous physical activity. 
  • Urge incontinence-This occurs when the nerve endings to the bladder get “mixed up” and the bladder suddenly contracts and has to be emptied.
  • Overflow incontinence-This type of incontinence frequently occurs due to a blockage that does not allow the bladder to be fully voided. 
  • Functional incontinence-This is incontinence that has occurred after damage has happened in the bladder, bowel, or neurological areas of the brain that control these functions. 
There are many different incontinence products available. It is important to know that not all incontinence is the same, and the products that can help to manage them are vastly different as well. When looking into adult diapers, it is important to select the best absorbency product for your needs, based on the type and severity of incontinence you have. The fact is, an “adult diaper” may not be the best option for your incontinence needs, a pad or guard may do the trick. 

Here’s a look at some of the various options for absorbent products:

  • Boxers-This is for men who want the look and feel of regular boxer style underwear with as much absorbency as a pull-on option. Prevail offers a great option for Boxers
  • Pull-on-This will pull up and down like traditional underwear, but provide protection. They will also offer cloth-like stretch panels for superior comfort, and tear away sides for easy removal. Tranquility premium pull on are a great option. 
  • Adjustable underwear-This is designed for both men and women. It has tabs to reposition and adjust for fit. They also offer tear away sides for easy changing. 
  • Briefs/adult diapers-This undergarment is made for both men and women. It will offer maximum protection for heavy to complete loss of bladder and bowel control. Adult diapers also offer tape tabs for faster, easier removal by caregivers. TENA super briefs are a great option for those with moderate to severe fecal incontinence. 
Watch this video: How to Choose the Right Incontinence Product

Because of the ease of using adult diapers this remains one of the most widely used type of incontinence products. However, there can be a great deal of confusion when it comes to choosing an adult diaper since there are so many differences between the brands. Many consumers are unsure as to what max protection means from one brand compared to super protection from another. Consumers are also unsure where to put their money. The good news is that there is no need for constant trial and error. Not only can it be frustrating to try one adult diaper brand (only to not have it work and then have to move onto another), but it can be costly as well. Research shows that most consumers will average spending $130 on adult diapers before finding the one that works for them. 

Today, you can avoid that by purchasing samples from They offer a sample package of 4 adult diapers for the low price of only $3.49 for shipping and handling. Best of all, they offer over 100 products in sample packages that will help you to try out several different types of adult diapers without worrying that you will purchase an incontinence product that you won’t use. 

Try our Sample Service to avoid wasting money.
In order to utilize this selection service simply call 800-985-1353 M-F 9-4 CST to talk to one of our product specialists. has an all-female team who has each been a caregiver to a loved one. They are ready and willing to help you choose the right adult diaper for your incontinence needs or for that person who is in your care.

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