The Many Types of Tranquility Adult Diapers

The Many Types of Tranquility Adult Diapers
Tranquility adult diapers help to provide maximum protection against leakages, while at the same time giving enhanced skin dryness, odor control, bacterial growth inhibition and the neutralization of urine. This high degree of performance helps the wearer to enjoy a better quality of life and to regain their dignity and ability to go about their day without the fear of embarrassment. Here are some of the Tranquility products on the market to choose from.

Moderate Protection - Tranquility Washable Pants
This is a unisex knit pant made of 100% cotton. It has leg cuffs on the inner side as well as a pocket liner that is moisture-proof. High capacity pads are inserted inside the pocket, and every pant kit comes with two sample pads.

Moderate Protection - High Capacity Pads

These pads are super absorbent and are designed to be used with the Tranquility washable pants. One can either choose the style of pad that comes with an adhesive strip or the second style that has several long tails for fitting onto the pant. They are all latex-free.

Moderate Protection - Tranquility Adult Liners
These liners can be worn with normal underwear and have an adhesive strip for fitting the liner onto the underwear. The liners have a high absorption capacity which helps ensure the skin remains dry while at the same time controlling odor. They have leg gathers and are designed for a close body fit to prevent any leakages and ensure maximum protection. They also have a sleek design that ensures greater discretion and encourages the wearer to pursue an active and normal lifestyle.

Moderate Protection - Adjustable Belted Undergarment
This product is latex-free and has an outer fabric made of a cloth-like material that provides greater discretion due to its rustle-free feature. Its straps are adjustable, ensuring that one-size-fits-all, since it can fit waist sizes 28 inches to 58 inches. It has polymers that are highly absorbent which promote greater dryness, protection and comfort.

Heavy Protection - Slimline Disposable Briefs
These latex-free briefs have high levels of performance and absorbency. They are designed to ensure maximum dryness, control of both odors and bacteria as well as urine neutralization. The briefs are made with soft material which makes them very comfortable. Furthermore, they have tape tabs on the sides that can be fastened and refastened over and over again. They are available in a variety of sizes.

Heavy Protection - Daytime Disposable Absorbent Underwear
This latex-free absorbent underwear is designed to offer maximum protection while guaranteeing discretion and comfort. It is meant for use during the daytime when the user is active. It has a super absorbent core for maximum dryness and prevention of odors. It also has tear-away sides that make removal of the underwear easy and quick. Its leg cuffs on the inner side help to guard against any leakage.

Heavy Protection - Slimline Breathable Briefs
These briefs have a soft outer fabric made with a cloth-like material that has special tabs for easier fastening. The sides are also breathable so as to ensure better air flow which enhances skin health and the degree of comfort. The core has a contour shape so as to absorb any fluids quickly and to ensure a closer fit so as to prevent any side leakages. The brief is designed to ensure greater dryness levels, neutralization of urine and control of both odors and bacteria.

Maximum Protection - ATN Disposable Briefs
The ATN (All-Through-the-Night) briefs ensure maximum absorbency throughout the night for greater comfort of the wearer. They also ensure greater skin integrity since the wearer's skin is kept dry throughout the night. The briefs guarantee enhanced skin dryness, odor prevention, urine neutralization and bacterial growth inhibition.

When you are shopping for Tranquility adult diapers, it helps to know what level of absorbency you need along with your budget. Knowing your situation will make it easier to choose the best product on the market to manage incontinence properly.

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