Depend Underwear For Women: Ways to Deal With Incontinence Each Day

Incontinence is not a 'normal' part of growing older.
Dealing with incontinence is an embarrassing problem in America. Over 13 million Americans currently suffer from incontinence, but this number should be higher. It is estimated that close to 50 million people actually suffer silently because they are embarrassed by their condition. Incontinence is a problem that needs to be medically treated. It is simply not a 'normal' part of growing older. 

What you may not know is that incontinence can be linked to a greater problem. Men especially are at risk for prostate problems when they start to experience incontinence. Women can have problems related to weakening pelvic floor muscles due to childbirth and the aging problem. If you are still working and you deal with incontinence, you can be ashamed of your condition and embarrassed if you do have an incontinence episode. Depend underwear for women can help you to avoid feeling embarrassed as they have a great line of products to assist you with incontinence.

Wearing Adult Diapers

Do not let the term "adult diapers" scare you away. These are not the same products that were sold 20 years ago. With modern advancements, many of the products look just like the underwear you are used to wearing. In fact, you can even purchase incontinence underwear that has lace! This gives you back a little bit of your sexiness while managing your embarrassing issue.

There are a variety of sizes, styles and fits to ensure you can find the perfect one for your specific needs. Try out many of the types of incontinence supplies so you can find the ones that do not pinch on your legs and do not lead to rash concerns. When you try out many styles, it gives you the right level of protection and comfort you need to manage incontinence properly.

Those new to buying incontiennce products (wearers or caregivers) waste $130 on average before they find a product that meets their needs. This is based on research from a leading manufacturer. That's why trying samples first can be a big time and cost saver. The CareGiver Partnership offers over 100 different styles, sizes, absorbencies and brands so you can try before you buy and avoid the costly mistake of buying a product which does not meet your needs.

Try Before You Buy
Talk to Your Employer

If you have to make frequent trips to the bathroom you may need to disclose your situation to your boss. However, this is a personal decision that will be dependent on your comfort level and the circumstances of your job. If you are uncomfortable doing so you can keep the situation private and ensure you invest in the proper supplies if you are unable to retreat to a bathroom for long periods of time. Remember that you could get stuck in meetings that drag on forever so it helps to know where the exits are. You should ensure you sit as close to the exit as possible if you need to make a quick getaway.

Avoid large amounts of liquid, but do not dehydrate yourself

As your work day drags on it may be habit to reach for a caffeine boost. Avoid the caffeine because it will stimulate your bladder and it does lead to problems and it can cause you to have incontinence problems at any time of the day. Sip smaller amounts of water so you don't end up having too much liquid in your bladder that needs to be released.

Kegels are great for incontinence issues

You can reduce your incontinence issues by doing Kegel exercises each day. To practice these Kegels you will need to stop the flow of urine mid-stream and then let it relax. Once you are able to find those muscles you can easily work on contracting and releasing them through the day.

Keep your work day's stress free

By purchasing the right incontinence underwear you have the confidence and security you need to get through your work day. With a large variety of products to choose from you can easily find what you need. Additionally, with the discreet design that is offered your protective products will not be noticed under your regular work attire. If you end up dealing with significant amounts of stress in the office, take some time off in the middle of each day to go for walk. Studies show that walking 30 minutes a day can increase your muscle tone and lowers your risk for a number of health problems. Incontinence is one of the problems that you can start to gain control over if you will take the time to lower stress in your life.

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