Basic Bedside Care

Have the right supplies for bedside care
When caring for a loved one that is confined to a bed, it is important to have the right tools, resources, and approach bedside care with care. The following are a few tips to help turn your basic bedside care into anything but basic:

1. Get the right bed- Although purchasing a hospital bed can be a real investment, a bed that can be adjusted to fit the comfort and needs of the confined individual can be very helpful. It can make moving the individual easier for the caregiver, and improve their overall comfort. It can also add to their independence, allowing them to adjust the bed themselves to find comfort, rather than have to call someone in each time they need a pillow fluffed, or their legs elevated.

2. Care for more than the physical- No adult likes the feeling of depending on others for basic needs and care. Being bedridden can be an emotional and trying thing, and can lead to restlessness, agitation, frustration, and more. As a caregiver it can feel like regardless of your efforts, nothing you are doing seems to help. It is important to remember that bedside care involves more than caring for the physical needs, but should also address the emotional needs of the individual. Terminal restlessness can be dangerous to their health and safety, and should be treated seriously. Take time daily to address emotional needs.

3. Get the right supplies- A big part of basic bedside care relies on having the right supplies to make daily living easier. While it depends on the situation, you may need any or all of the following:

  •  Bedrails- These provide both safety and support for the bedridden person, and can also provide a handy place to store needed items. 
  • Bedside organizers- These are basically places that are easy to access from the bed that can hold things like the remote, medications, lotions, etc. 
  •  Personal care products – These are simply things to increase comfort and health, such as non slip socks, hair shampooers, and room deodorizers. 
  • Bed pads- These are protection for the mattress, to provide a fluid proof barrier in case of leaks, spills, etc. 

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