Bedside Care Explained

Prepare yourself for bedside care.
Preparing yourself for the challenges and obstacles that come with bedside care is a must. As the caregiver to a bedridden individual, you must be able to meet the physical and emotional needs to keep that person healthy and happy. 1. Understand what it means to offer bedside care to a loved one. The time energy, and emotional commitment you must make. The bedridden individual is likely not used to total reliance on others, and this may cause them to be ungrateful, or even belligerent. It is important to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically to offer the best quality care you can.

2. Get the help you need to make it easier. You probably won’t be able to do it alone. Local hospice care can help, look into other local resources. Medicare does not pay for long-term care, and often family members end up taking on the role of caregiver, and use their own money to help cover costs, not to mention the cost of lost wages and time. The job of bedside care is not easy, especially if requires care you are untrained for, such as managing medications, administering fluids or injections, changing bandages, cleaning the individual etc. Thus, taking the time to figure out what you can offer, and look for resources for the areas you are ill equipped to manage on your own is wise.

3. Understand the emotional and mental state of the individual. It can’t be easy to need a loved one to help care for you, especially as a parent. It is worse when being bedridden.

4. Get the right care products. The right products will give the bedridden individual some independence, while also simplifying the life of the care giver. For example,  Sween Bedsude-Care No- Rinse Body Wash means being able to clean their skin without a trip into the bathroom. An inflatable hair washer can allow for washing hair right in bed. A BedCaddie can help the bedridden individual sit up and adjust themselves without help, and a bedrail can provide safety as well as support when getting in and out of bed. You can look here to find everything you need to make bedside care easier.

5. Invest in a hospital bed for easier care. While this is not realistic for every family, those who can buy an adjustable bed for a bedridden individual will find it makes life a lot easier. It aids in both comfort and functionality.

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