Finding the Right Products So Adult Diapers Don't Show Under Clothing

Maintain your dignity while wearing adult diapers
There are hundreds of products available to help manage incontinence, from adult diapers, to briefs, pads, and plastic pants. However, with this huge array, it can be overwhelming to determine which products are the best option for providing protection while not showing under clothing. The first problem consumer’s face is maintaining dignity; or in other words, not having incontinence interfere too significantly with daily living. 

The first problem consumers’ face is maintaining dignity; or in other words, not having incontinence interfere too significantly with daily living. Over 40% of women admit that their incontinence impacts their social life, work life, etc. In other words, incontinence holds many back from living their life. Finding adult diapers that do not show under clothing, and that mimic the look and feel of real underwear can help these individuals regain the joys of daily living. As old Depend television spots used to proclaim, "Get back into life, with Depend!".

The makers of incontinence products understand the need for "normalcy" and the desire to not publicly flaunt bladder and bowel incontinence. There are specifically designed products made to help incontinence sufferers get protection, while still being able to go about their regular day to day activities without embarrassment. For women, Depend Silhouette Underwear offer the look and feel of real underwear with the protection of an incontinence product. They fit well under clothing, without giving the wearer away. 

For men, Depend has created the Real Fit For Men option which also look and feel like real underwear, allowing men to enjoy their day to day life (even changing in the gym locker room) without the embarrassment of obvious incontinence products. 

The second problem is getting adequate protection with discretion. While it is important to protect against leaks, and manage incontinence, it is equally important to be able to continue functioning without the embarrassment of bladder or bowel control issues. While some adult diapers are great for absorbing fluids, and keeping skin dry, they may be too bulky and noisy to be worn out in public without drawing attention to the individual wearing them. The two above mentioned products are an excellent option for avoiding this, but in order to get the right protection, proper fit is necessary.

The best solution is to find a product that offers the level of incontinence protection you need, light to moderate, moderate to heavy, or total incontinence, as well as not showing under clothing. Fit is essential for this to happen. Consider getting help with sizing and product selection from a knowledgeable product specialist. The nice ladies at The CareGiver Partnership will help you find the perfect fit, or help you order the samples that might best service your needs. To contact a product specialist call 800-985-1353 M-F 9-4 Central. 

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The CareGiver Partnership offers 500 incontinence products, 10 times more than even the big stores with 100 different samples. Finding the best adult diapers that won't show under your clothing, but give you the protection you need is only a phone call or mouse click away.

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