Using TENA Products To Manage Incontinence

TENA Products for Incontinence

If you are currently looking for relief over your incontinence concern, Tena pads may be the solution! Tena pads come in a number of options that allow you to finally have control over incontinence day and night. There are a variety of lengths to choose from as well as absorbency options, making Tena products some of the best on the market. Women suffering from incontinence will especially find the Tena line helpful as there are some specifically designed for pregnancy.

Buying the right incontinence product will make all the difference in your level of control over incontinence. You need to be able to find the right fit for your body and type of incontinence that you are suffering from. Some people prefer Tena protective underwear as it has a comfortable fit and aid in helping with fecal incontinence along with urinary incontinence. This can make your life much easier as you don’t need to worry about having any fecal matter or urine leak out of the underwear and get on your clothing.

The Tena underwear is beneficial as it is made to look just like the underwear you are already used to wearing each day. The protective underwear is great as it comes in styles for women and for men. Since the genders are so different and have different absorbency needs, using the products for your gender can give you more protection and control over incontinence. You have the choice of using underwear that has adjustable straps on the sides (which is often preferred by caregivers) or you can choose regular underwear, which is also great at allowing you to be able to have the traditional feeling you are already used to.

The Tena pads are also beneficial as you can wear them with your regular underwear. With varying styles of pads, you will be able to find one that works great for your needs. As you look over the pads you do need to consider if you need them to be shorter or longer. Night time wear may require a longer length as this will be able to give you greater protection for your bedding. It is a good idea to consider the type of urine loss that you commonly deal with during the day. Some light urine loss can work well with pads that are designed with light absorbency. If you have a great deal of urine loss, you may want to consider getting pads that are a little thicker or considering the adult diapers instead.

Comfort is the key to a good incontinence product. You want to find a product that doesn’t make noise when you walk or one that is big and bulky! The last thing you want to have is your pad pushing out the back of your pants! Tena pads are designed to be discrete and make it easy to hide your health issues so others will not be able to know that you do have a problem.

Incontinence doesn’t need to be a thing that ruins your life. Speak to your doctor if incontinence is a new development in your health. It could indicate that you do have a serious health concern to address. You may need to meet with your doctor about surgery if there are concerns. Changing your diet can also assist in giving you some control over incontinence as certain foods can stimulate the bladder and often lead to urine loss. In addition to dietary changes, you can also benefit from doing some exercises to strengthen the muscles around the bladder. Tena products will aid in giving your life back to you and to help you manage incontinence without the world knowing!


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