Incontinence Supplies as Tax Deductions

Incontinence Supplies as Tax Deductions

It seems medical bills will never stop rising, and therefore, it certainly behooves a consumer to stretch each dollar as far as possible. Given that some insurance plans will not cover incontinence supplies, it is important to find ways to buy these crucial supplies while still staying within your budget.

Here at The CareGiver Partnership, we pride ourselves on providing over 500 different brands, styles, sizes and absorbencies of adult diapers, incontinence pads, and more, thus offering our customers a selection of incontinence supplies ten times larger than even the big stores. We also offer the option of trying a sample of over 100 of our products before purchasing an entire case.   This helps avoid the expense of buying a full case of a product that does not meet your needs.  The average person new to the incontinence category spends well over $100 trying to figure out which product is best for them.

To make each dollar spent on incontinence supplies go even further, there are ways to be reimbursed for the supplies through either a health savings account or a flexible spending account. If you have a flexible spending account, it would be an especially good idea to try to deduct the cost of your supplies, because FSA money does not accumulate year-to-year as HSA money does. The funds deposited by an employee into an FSA must be used within the calendar year, or they expire.

If it can be shown that you need incontinence pads or other supplies in order to alleviate problems from a specific illness, you could be eligible to write off the cost of your supplies. Save your receipts, and submit them to your tax accountant--or straight to the IRS, if you are brave enough to file your taxes by yourself--and you will receive reimbursement in the form of a check.

Again, The CareGiver Partnership proudly offers over 500 products for our customers to choose from.Additionally, we offer free shipping on orders of more than $50. But if yet more savings are in order, be sure to look into whether you qualify to deduct the cost of your incontinence supplies.

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