Fighting the Diaper Bulge

Minimize the bulge

Frequently, we get asked questions about how to fight the infamous "adult diaper bulge." The good news is that many of the incontinence supplies we offer, particularly our incontinence underwear and incontinence pads, are top-of-the-line, meaning modern technology has been able to assist in minimizing the bulge as much as possible.

Still, for those with concerns, here are a few tips. Many have found that wearing tight spandex shorts, such as biker shorts, can help to smooth out the adult diapers even further then our modern technology.  Women’s shapewear can be useful, as well. One sufferer of incontinence who contacted us recently shared with us that she always wears full rubber pants – not plastic, but actual rubber – which allows her to wear even tight jeans with her incontinence underwear.

Pulling a loose pair of pants over the biker shorts is also of use. In fact, many of our customers have suggested buying pants in one size up from their usual size, as this can minimize the bulge effect. Some people suggest wearing pleated pants.

Most people will not notice your incontinence supplies underneath your clothing. Often, the recommendations listed above are more useful for the purpose of easing your mind rather than deterring any actual embarrassment. We have yet to receive any complaints from customers claiming our products have caused them embarrassment.

Peruse our entire line of incontinence supplies at The CareGiver Partnership, as we offer the widest variety of sizes, styles, and absorbencies – more than 10 times that of even the big retailers. We have all the top brand names for incontinence pads and adult diapers, including Depends, Prevail, Poise, and Attends. We also offer the chance to try sample, and therefore, you should be totally satisfied with your purchase when you buy the full case. With the helpful tips and our selection, there will be no bulge to worry about!

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