Types Of Incontinence And Using Depends Adult Diapers

Depends Adult Diapers

When dealing with incontinence it is helpful to have adult diapers and incontinence products that can make managing the condition a little easier. Depends adult diapers are a brand that many people have been able to trust over the years thanks to the variety of styles that are available. When choosing adult diapers it is important to focus on a number of factors from the fit of the diapers to the absorbency. You need to find a product which will protect your clothing and your dignity!

A person dealing with incontinence will have loss of control over their bladder or possibly having fecal issues as well. When you are unable to hold in the urine or fecal matter, it will release when you are not expecting it to. This will end up causing a problem as you can have urine all over your clothing. When dealing with incontinence in public, it can be quite embarrassing and it can cause many people to avoid social situations as they do not want to have others see their issue.

Incontinence can happen to anyone and at any age. It is most commonly seen happening to women and to people that are over the age of 65. This happens as the body starts to age and many of the muscles become weaker. Having Depends adult diapers to protect you can prevent others from noticing your problem and will give you confidence once again to go out in public and to enjoy yourself. There are multiple types of incontinence and it is helpful to meet with your doctor as incontinence could indicate that you have underlying health issues that need to be addressed. Men in particular could have prostate health issues which could be cancerous. Meeting with a doctor will help you to understand the issues that you have and will provide you with results. Incontinence may be a temporary issue or it may be something that you will need to deal with for many years.

Urinary incontinence is when you have loss of control over the bladder and your body releases urine. There are many different types of urinary incontinence. Many women that experience it are dealing with it thanks to childbirth as this has stretched out the muscles and it has weakened them. Menopause actually causes urinary incontinence for a lot of women as well. Depending upon the severity of your condition, urinary incontinence could be a small trickle of urine or it could be a large flow of urine that leaks from the bladder.

Depends underwear can provide you with great support if you are dealing with urinary incontinence. There are several different types of adult diapers that you can choose from. Some Depends underwear includes side straps, making them easy to get on and off. Others will include pull-up underwear, which can be easy for the person to change out.

A type of urinary incontinence is known as stress incontinence. This is when a person has the involuntarily release of urine due to the pressure that is placed on the bladder. It commonly happens when you sneeze, laugh, or cough. Physical stress that is placed on the bladder causes the bladder to force the urine out without your control.

Urge incontinence is another common type of urinary incontinence. This is where you have the sudden urge to urinate and may not be able to make it to the restroom in time. Even if you do make it in time, you may find that you do not need to urinate at all. Depends underwear you can use will vary in the type of absorbency, which makes it easier for you if you have just a light trickle or a larger flow of urine to worry about.


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