Adult Incontinence Products Can Help You Maintain Your Dignity!

Adult Incontinence Products can help you maintain your dignity.

Adult incontinence products are made for people who are of adult size and who may experience a loss of bladder control.  These products include
·         Diapers
·         Pull-ups
·         Pads
·         Liners
·         Under pads
·         Bed liners
·         Medications
·         External catheters
·         Drip collectors

Adult diapers may include a stigma with them, but today’s diapers are not the same as those of yesteryear.  The adult diapers in the past came in a “one size fits all” solution for both genders and all types of incontinence people. The diapers out there now include gender-specific products and they also come with a number of absorbency options to prevent you from having leakage problems. The adult diapers also do not look nearly as bulky as the ones in the past and they are not noisy. Many of the adult diapers are designed to be more functional in terms of bulk and style. Let’s discuss some of the different types of adult incontinence products that you can look to in order to maintain your dignity.

Pull-ups provide the additional function of being able to be removed and put on quickly.  This gives the person using them the opportunity to continue practicing bladder control.  If they make it to the bathroom in time – great!   The pull-ups are still good.  If not, that’s okay because the pull-ups provide the person with a way to trap the urine and neutralize any possible odor that may be a part of the process.  They provide a little bit of security and convenience that diapers may lack.

Pads and liners are designed for use with the person’s underwear.  They are used in cases when the expected flow is light.  Maybe the person has decent control but sometimes experience leaks.  A pad or a liner might be an appropriate way to go.  Pads are not as bulky as diapers.  They are also easy to use because it is basically adding a protective layer to the underwear that a person already has.  They also help to keep the underwear from staining.

Under pads and bed liners are designed for use at night.  Not only are they great for adults who may experience incontinence issues, but they can also be useful for older children who are prone to bedwetting.  The under pads provide a layer of absorption and along with bed liners protect the mattress from getting any unsightly stains.

External Catheters
External catheters and drip collectors are designed for men.  They both wrap around the penis to provide protection from leaking.  The catheter is attached to a bag that can be worn under the clothing attached to an appropriate body part.  The drip collector basically provides extra absorption capacity at the source and is for light flow issues.

Anyone who experiences incontinence for any reason should consult a doctor.  The doctor can diagnose the problem and offer corrective advice.  There are few people who have to live with incontinence.  Whether it is through diet and exercise or through the use of correct medications, some forms of incontinence can be taken care of, but in order to find out the best way to take care of it, it must be diagnosed first.

Adult incontinence products have made great strides and will continue to make great strides as the most affluent people in U.S. society – the Baby Boomers – continue to age.  They have the money and the numbers to drive research to create better products.  Even though there may be a stigma attached to some of the products, people who use them just need to remember that they will experience better mobility, and no one had to know.

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