Using the Right Products to Increase Mobility

Adjusting, pivoting tray and mobility handle
for any couch, chair or recliner. 
One of the most common problems people have as they age is decreased mobility. Many seniors find it more and more difficult to get around their home and complete daily tasks. In addition, when the ability to move around becomes diminished safety becomes a concern. Decreased mobility can prevent seniors from safely leaving their home and being able to participate in needed social and other activities. 

Fortunately for many seniors, there is no reason to have to live with a diminished mobility. Whether due to age, illness, or injury, there are things you can do and products which can be used to help increase the mobility of any senior.

Understand every senior will have different needs-It is important if you are a caregiver or concerned family member that you do not assume every senior has the same needs. Consider age, health status, and even gender when addressing mobility issues. Keep in mind some seniors may need aids in every room of their house while others may only need help in the bathroom or other high risk fall areas of their home.

• Know what products are available-Today, there are many different varieties of mobility aids available. Stander products offer canes and walkers which can help seniors move easier throughout their home. One of their most widely used and popular products is the security pole with curved grab bar. This pole is tension mounted between the floor and ceiling making it highly secure for the senior to grab onto. It can support the weight of most seniors up to 300 lbs. The curved grab bar then allows the senior to easily hold on while pulling him or her self to a standing position. This pole can be used anywhere in the home where it can be mounted between the floor and the ceiling. In addition, this line of products also offers car lifts and pulleys which aid seniors in entering and exiting a car. Bed rails and assist trays can also be highly effective for bed ridden or ill seniors who must be cared for bed side.

• Improve the environment further-It is important to keep in mind using the right products will not be enough for insuring the mobility of the senior. It is important caregivers take the time to fall-proof the homes of their elderly loved ones. Falls are common occurrences with the elderly and a few simply measures can drastically reduce this risk. Making sure furniture and floor coverings are not impeding mobility as well as using motion sensor lighting can help seniors to easily and safely move around their homes and maintain their independence.

• Address other factors- While products are very useful, seniors can take other steps to improve mobility. It has been shown those seniors who take the time to exercise, have their vision regularly checked, and remain active are at far less risk for having mobility issues as they age.

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