Are You Too Young To Do Kegels?

Noone is too young to do Kegels. 
Many people are surprised to learn urinary leakage is a problem which is experienced by nearly 50% of all women. This is most often due to the stress of pregnancy and childbirth. The pelvic floor muscles which regulate the flow of urine can be weakened and even damaged by these events. Coupled with the fact that later in life the hormonal changes which come with menopause can affect this even more, it makes it crucial that all women know how to do keels to strengthen these muscles. Knowing how to do this exercise and when they should be doing them is key. Here is what you need to know to answer the question- Are you too young to do Kegels?

This exercise is a way to maintain and even strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. The good news is this exercise is easy to learn and master. However, the success of it depends on your consistency. Women who become proficient in doing it find they can not just reduce or eliminate symptoms of incontinence but it can actually help with childbirth. The first step is to learn how to do the Kegel-
  • Find the right muscles-The first step in mastering it is to find the right muscles. The easiest way to do this is to stop the flow of urine. When you do this you are finding the right muscles which should be involved in the exercise. These are the muscles you want to strengthen when you are working on this exercise.
  • Start practicing-After you have isolated the muscles then it becomes time to practice. Experts advise when you are first starting out to lay down on your back and focus on contracting and releasing those muscles. Later on you will find you can do this exercise nearly anywhere but at first it can help to lay on your back and practice. Start out by contracting the muscles for a count of five and then releasing. Set a goal to work up to ten contractions. When you have accomplished this work up to 3 sets of 10 everyday. 
  • Be consistent-As mentioned above the key to success is to be consistent. Once you have mastered the exercise you can then do them almost anywhere. Many women report doing Kegels while stuck in traffic or sitting at their desk at work. Best of all-no one has to know you are doing them!
  • Have patience-The reality is strengthening any muscle takes time. You won’t see overnight results but if you continue to focus on doing this consistently, you should begin to see results in 3-6 weeks. 
Men can also benefit from doing Kegels. While stress incontinence (most often caused by weakened pelvic muscles) is primarily a female problem, men can be affected as well. If you are a man looking to reduce or eliminate stress incontinence symptoms learning how to do this can be highly effective in helping you to do so.

The bottom line is no one is too young to do Kegels. Whether you are concerned about urinary leakage or want to prevent problems in the future this can be beneficial and effective, for both men and women regardless of their age or health status.

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