I've Got Sam in My Pants

Two women talking about wanting to have Sam in their pants
Watch the video

This is a TV spot for new Poise micro liners.  Watch the video and/or read the copy below:

I love Sam.

Sam knows how to take care of a woman

Sam is also very small okay but

Sam can last for hours

I have Sam in my pants right now

Sam, its super absorbent material from Poise

For those little leaks

It’s crazy thin and look

I wish I had Sam in my pants

New Poise micro liners. Get a free sample and poise dot com.

Some might think this spot is funny, cute or clever.  Others have found it offensive and called us on it because it ran while their young children were in the room.  I'm sure it will be pretty polarizing.

What it isn't... is what its supposed to be - good advertising that sells products because it resonates with a consumer insight. 

First of all, there is no USP or unique selling proposition.  Every incontinence product has super absorbent material (SAM) inside.  The Poise people aren't even talking about a better SAM - one that absorbs more, works harder or lasts longer.  At least this would provide a competitive reason why or point of difference -- what CenterBrain Partners, Inc. refers to as the 'Truth' or reason to believe in all good communication.

This type of advertising is what CenterBrain refers to an 'ingredient story' advertising.  Its lazy advertising because it isn't based on a key consumer insight -- what they refer to as the "That's Me" factor.  For example, the consumer benefit is feeling fresh.  The most effective way to communicate that is 'Just Showered Freshness".  Visually "Just Showered Freshness" can be executed many different ways

Learn more here about the Positioning 3 T's

As David Ogilvy, the famous ad man once said, there are no low interest brands... only low interest ad agencies.  He also said to never write an advertisement which you wouldn't' want your family to read (or see).

What is your reaction?  Do you like this?  Do you think it is advertising which convinces you to buy?


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