HELPFUEL INC. Starts a Family Caregiver Revolution

Be the best family caregiver we can be. 
We are here to raise awareness of what the family caregiver faces.

We are here to change the system so family caregivers can sustain themselves.

We are here to connect family caregivers and help them mobilize as a group to become empowered, educated and enlightened.

We are here to start a movement, to sound a thunderous call to be heard and to take the mystery out of a family caregiving. YOU will probably end up caring for a loved one in your adult life. We are here to shine the light on resources and encourage everyone to share their stories.


We are your mother, your sister, your partner, your children, your neighbor, your friend...

Family caregivers come in all shapes, sizes, genders and flavors! The face of the caregiver is getting younger as baby boomers mature and includes more and more[AC1] men, as they take on the new role of the family caregiver.

The legions of family caregivers are growing and we are here to integrate innovative thinking with new technology, to provide essential support, no matter who or where you are in your caregiving journey.


We are HELPFUEL Inc., ( a new kind of startup business that is on a mission to empower family caregivers to be the best caregivers they can be. We are here to help create team building care and move from research to insight, so family caregivers can find ways to refuel while on their caregiving process.


Many people become family caregivers in an instant. One phone call can change your life, propelling you into a nonstop cycle of action that can be taxing, emotionally exhausting and confusing.

Caregiving is nothing new, but as a group, caregivers have never mobilized. It is time to raise our hands. It is time to be noticed and to be heard. celebrates the family caregiver, identifies their needs, and addresses their challenges, Today we start an international movement to empower all family caregivers everywhere!

Raise your hands with us on, Facebook/helpfuelme and @helpfuelme!

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About The CareGiver Partnership. The CareGiver Partnership helps caregivers and their loved ones with answers to their caregiving questions, including information about home health care products and supplies, from our Wisconsin-based team of Product Specialists who are all current or former caregivers. The company’s Web site provides the largest online library of resources on subjects most important to caregivers — from arthritis to assisted living, and Parkinson’s to prostate cancer — as well as access to more than 3,000 home care products for incontinence, skin care, mobility, home safety and daily living aids. The CareGiver Partnership was founded in 2004 by Lynn Wilson of Neenah, Wisc. Visit to learn more or call 1-800-985-1353.


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