Mother's Day Gifts to Help You Both Sleep Better

Give the gift of comfort
Touches of comfort for Mom, peace of mind for you
Sleeping well is important to repair cell damage, keep the immune system strong, and improve concentration and memory formation. When seniors don’t sleep well, whether due to health problems, medications, stress or lack of exercise, it can result in depression, attention problems, and greater risk of illness and nighttime falls.
This Mother’s Day, give Mom the gift of a good night’s sleep. We’ve put together a few ideas for making nighttime more restful for her, while giving you the peace of mind in knowing she’s safe.

Make her bed secure and comfortable. Mom’s bed should be large enough to stretch and turn, with a supportive mattress and comfortable bedding. If she sleeps better propped up, try a foam body aligner or bed wedge. Keep a lamp, clock and telephone within reach, and consider bed safety rails. For added convenience, look for products that combine a rail with a pouch or caddy for nighttime essentials, like reading materials and remote controls.

Add special touches to her bedroom. Keep the room well-ventilated, not too hot or too cold, and dark, except for a nightlight if she wishes. If neighborhood noise is a problem, try masking it with a fan or sleep machine that plays soothing sounds or white noise. The scent of lavender may help promote restful sleep; put fresh-cut sprigs in a vase next to the bed or give her the gift of lavender-scented linen spray or body lotion.

Plan for nighttime trips to the bathroom. Help Mom stay safe from bed to bath and back again. Keep a pair of socks with slip-resistant treads near her bed, install grab bars on the way to and inside the bathroom, and install safety rails near the commode. A lighted cane also makes nighttime trips safer.

Take advantage of high-tech monitoring options. Overall peace of mind comes from knowing you can reach each other at any time. Look for telephones made for seniors, with big buttons, amplified sound and talking caller ID. If you’d both feel better knowing she has a remote alert system that can be used anywhere in her home, you can find products that do not require activation or monthly fees, such as the Guardian Alert 911.

If you’ve taken steps to make Mom’s room quiet and restful, and she still has trouble sleeping, it may be time to see a sleep specialist. Talk to her doctor about any concerns.

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