How to Manage Your Arthritis Pain

Suffering from arthritis pain? Don’t let it ruin your life anymore, there are hot and cold wraps and other things that will allow you to manage your arthritis pain and start living your life again. Here are some tips that can help you manage your pain:

Tip # 1 – Identify the type of arthritis you have

In order to properly treat your arthritis pain, you need to determine what type of arthritis pain you have. Typically the arthritis pain will originate in the joints, but some of the inflammation and swelling you experience can become worse if you don’t use the proper treatments on it, especially if you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.

Tip # 2 – Talk to your doctor

Rheumatoid arthritis is dangerous if you do not receive the proper treatment for it. You must meet with your doctor and fully disclose all of your symptoms and problems you have been experiencing in order for them to find a way to help you with treatment options. To help you identify what type of arthritis pain you are having is to use this tool that allows you to speak with a Board Certified Physician Assistant: They will be able to help you find treatments for your arthritis problems and recommend different exercises that may also help you manage your day-to-day living.

Tip # 3 – At-home remedies

One of the most popular remedies used to treat arthritis is hot and cold treatments. One way to do this is to alternate ice packs on your hands with hot pads. This is a great way to relief the pain, stiffness, and swelling that comes along with arthritis. What happens if you need to go out? You can’t exactly walk around with a heating pad and a bag of frozen peas, for those times when you want to go out, use these hot and cold thermal therapy wraps:

Have you tried massage therapy? A massage is a wonderful way to cope with the pain of arthritis. When you undergo massage therapy, the massage specialist will be able to target your problem areas with a combination of hot stones and cooling gel that can help to remove the pain and inflammation. Massage therapy is a wonderful way to remove tension and stress in the muscles and it will help you feel better.

Try a hot bath. Use aromatherapy candles as they help to soothe your nervous system, which can reduce some of the pain you are feeling. Soaking the joints in water is a great way to exercise them as well. Try going to a water aerobics class to see if this helps the joints to feel better and to see how your muscles respond to it.

Tip # 4 – Daily living

You also need to focus on daily living aids that will make you feel better. A great daily living aid you can rely on is the OpenitRX bottle opener line: This line of products is specifically designed for individuals suffering from arthritis pain as it allows you to open bottles and other things without placing pressure and strain on the joints.

Tip # 5 – Is surgery necessary?

Before you even consider the possibility of surgery, you need to research it and speak with your loved ones and your doctor. Surgery after the age of 70 can be quite risky for a number of reasons like heart complications, etc. The recovery process on elderly patients is not always quick and this can leave you with additional problems. There is no cure for arthritis so your best option may be learning how to deal with it and finding ways to manage it.

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Francis Tony said...

Regular chiropractic treatment also helps giving relief from the pain associated with arthritis. Nutrition, exercise and massage therapy can be used as a preventive measure in developing arthritis or used to help relieve the serious mobility issues.

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CareGiver Partnership said...


Thank you for your comments. Each of your suggestions make sense.

Chris said...

Undergoing surgeries is definitely not advisable for older arthritis patients. It's better to try other treatments or medications.

Foot Doctor

Unknown said...

Thank you for contacting focus to these problems. I believe people should be skeptical of yet another drug strategy, and maybe ask for non-pharmacological treatments prior to accepting drug treatment options. Sadly, with mass-advertising of drugs in this country, we have come to acknowledge routine drugs like a normal of treatment rather than the exception.

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