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"On a visit home to see my aging mom several years ago, I opened the fridge, and then the cabinets. I became concerned. For years, my mom had cooked fresh, wholesome meals but now she had stocked up on processed foods and her cooking and cleaning abilities were not what they used to be. She had lost interest and her diet was a mess."

There is also the true story about Jean Wilson (no relation) who had ordered a Dominoes pizza and two Diet Cokes every single day for three years.

A similar story from Barb Anderson, who was motivated to help her mom, and realized she lived too far away to help every day, Barb and her family founded Mom's Meals, delivering fresh-made, ready-to-heat and eat meals directly to a customer’s door, and ensuring that the growing aging population, those recuperating at home after a hospital stay, or those who choose to age in place longer get the healthy food they need. 

"Mom didn’t have the energy or the interest to get to the market or cook,” said Anderson, 60, of Chicago, IL. "And what I saw in her refrigerator immediately told me she wasn’t eating as well as she should be."

For seniors, asking for help isn’t easy. And for their caregivers, especially their own children, it’s tough to know when to step in. An estimated seven million Americans live an hour or more from their aging parents, unable to provide regular care and often not aware of resources available, including home meal delivery. There are over 6 million seniors who are malnourished.

"My mom wouldn’t admit she could use some help," said Anderson. "It was my turn to give her the gift she had always given me – healthy meals."

For Rita Kuznia of Janesville, MN, the realization it was time to step in came with the hospitalization of her father-in-law for dehydration, often a symptom of an improper diet. "My in-laws weren’t eating well but they wanted to stay in their own home. So we did what we could and ordered healthy meals delivered directly to them."

"There’s a point when the child becomes the caregiver,” said Anderson. "Having nutritious meals delivered to my mom’s door, and now yours, is the best gift we can give."

One of 45 Choices - You Choose What You Want to Eat
Mom’s Meals are individually created by a chef and registered dietician to ensure the meals have the right nutritional value for seniors on regular diets, or those needing low sodium, low fat, gluten-free, vegetarian, or low carbohydrate options.

Each meal is just $6.49 plus shipping.
  • Less than pizza delivery and much healthier - plus you save on the high cost of gas.
  • Mix or match – choose only what you like.
  • Convenient home delivery is a flat $14.95 for 10, 14 or 21 weekly meals. The cost per meal for the 21 meal plan including convenient home delivery is only $6.70.
The company is family-owned and each of its meals are based on nutritional guidelines which specifically meet the needs of the elderly. Menus may be customized from dozens of options and meals are delivered in packages that stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to 14 days.

Now you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your parents are eating well every day.

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Lynn Wilson founded The CareGiver Partnership based on her experience in caring for loved ones as well as providing the highest level of customer service. She takes pride in offering personalized service that helps her customers find the best solutions for their individual needs. Now that her children are grown, Lynn enjoys spending time with her granddaughter while also helping to care for her mom. To find out how The CareGiver Partnership can serve you, call 1-800-985-1353 M-F 9-4 CDT.


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