How to Keep Your Blood Sugar Under Control

If you have diabetes, hypoglycemia, or hyperglycemia, you know how frustrating it can be to have sudden drops or spikes in your blood sugar. How can you keep your blood sugar under control?

Here are some thins that will help you get started:
  • Make sure you exercise each day. If you feel dizzy or lightheaded when you exercise, break your workout into smaller durations. Instead of walking for 20 minutes, go for a 5 minute walk in the morning, noon, and in the evening again.

  • Clean out your cupboards. Having unhealthy foods in the cupboards will make it much harder for you to control your blood sugar. Since you can learn to control your blood sugar with just your diet, you want to clean out all the white sugars and other products that don’t help you. Getting rid of products that have refined sugar will force you to opt for different snacks when you need to eat food to improve your blood sugar problem.

  • You need to make a commitment to controlling your blood sugar or it will only get worse and develop into full blown diabetes, which causes additional health issues. Use a blood test monitor to control your blood sugar problems so you can avoid having blood sugar spikes or low blood sugar issues. Here is a great place to find a blood test monitor:

  • What happens if you have a soda or you slip up once and awhile? Since you are trying to live a healthier life without soda and refined sugars, you should regret your decision but do not let it keep you from trying to eat healthier foods that help you manage your blood sugar problems. Keeping the food out of the house will help you avoid it. Keep a protein snack with you in case you are out and about and you have the temptation to grab for a candy bar or something else that will not help your blood sugar problems.

When you take the time to control your diet and exercise program, you will be able to manage your blood sugar issues.

What are some of the common problems that arise if you struggle with low blood sugar?  
Low blood sugar can cause a number of problems for you including:
  1. Headaches 
  2. Dizziness 
  3. Urinating often 
  4. Feeling thirsty and drinking often 
  5. Blurred vision 
  6. Bruises and cuts that take a long time to heal
Weight loss
Poor circulation

What are some health benefits I can expect by changing my diet?

When you are at risk for diabetes, you need to change your diet and learn how to control it. If you don’t you will have several problems and you may even need to have amputations. Here are some health benefits you can expect when you manage your blood sugar and diabetes problems:  
  1. Reduce your risk of eye disease
  2. Reduce your risk of kidney failure 
  3. Reduce your risk of nerve damage 
  4. Avoid amputations 
  5. Live a longer, healthier life

Can I still enjoy sugar?

While refined sugars (like those found in soda) are not recommended for your diet, you can still enjoy the sweet flavor that comes along with sugar. Instead of opting for sugar, look for supplements like NutraSweet as they can still offer you that sweet taste you crave without the sugar issues. Try using the juice from certain fruits like lemons, limes, and oranges to sweeten your foods and to enjoy their delicious flavor. Look for mints and gum that are sugar-free as this will help to satisfy your sweet tooth problems. 

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