TENA for Men

TENA offers innovative and effective incontinence products for men.
Regaining Normalcy

Many men are not prepared for the side effects from prostate surgery. We’re told that many times, their doctor may not even mention that they may have to deal with incontinence - at least for a period of time. They feel overwhelmed and embarrassed about experiencing incontinence. Unlike women who have used pads for years, Men have no idea what they need or what’s out there. They are looking for incontinence supplies which can help them regain their normalcy and dignity. The good news? Gone are the days of having to settle for an oversized (and ill fitting) diaper. The makers of incontinence products understand men have very different needs when it comes to managing their incontinence. This has led to the development of incontinence products specifically for men. TENA is the number one brand in the world and offers innovative and effective incontinence products for men.

Whats the best product for me or my loved one?

It can be overwhelming to try and determine exactly what incontinence supplies you or the loved one in your care may need. There are more choices than ever before and they’re changing all the time. This creates more confusion. The Caregiver Partnership understands this and have created an easy to use style guide that explains all the style options which can help you determine what incontinence products are right for you. You can always call and speak with one of their knowledgeable ladies who can help get you started.

Many men who are experiencing incontinence after prostate surgery or other illness are often still working, being active and social. They need an incontinence product which can address their needs for comfortable and discreet incontinence management. TENA for men are especially designed for men with light to moderate incontinence. There are a number of reasons why this can be the right choice for you or the man in your life. Here are 3 of the reasons.
  • TENA for Men are made to give men protection where they needs it the most. Men who are experiencing incontinence just want to regain a normalcy in their life in the most dignified way possible. When a man is experiencing incontinence and is wearing an incontinence product which offers the highest degree of protection where he needs it the most, he can be assured he can continue on with his daily life in a comfortable and discreet manner. 
  • TENA for Men has a cloth-like backsheet which is gentle against the skin and less noisy. This incontinence product is made to feel comfortable so the wearer can go through his day knowing his skin is being protected and he is being discreet. This incontinence product now also has improved absorbency. In addition the TENA for men are OdaSorb Plus™ pH-balanced to help control odors. 
  • TENA for Men are made to wear with regular, close fitting underwear. Many men want to continue wearing regular underwear while they are using an incontinence product. The TENA for men is made to be worn with snug to the body underwear in order to offer protection against leaks and accidents while still allowing the man using it to continue wearing what he wants. 
Get real help from real people.

Since 2004, The Caregiver Partnership has been helping people just like you. Unlike the big box stores which usually only offer 3 brands of incontinence products, The CareGiver Partnership shops the world over to find the best incontinence products - those used by consumers and professionals alike. We offer over 733 choices. Ten times more brands, styles, sizes and absorbencies than even the big box stores. The CareGiver Partnerhship offers 7 other brands of male guards besides TENA and you can try samples of them. And, we have knowledgeable Product Specialists you can speak with when you call 1-800-985-1353.

However, even when you have an idea of what incontinence products you are looking for it can still be overwhelming. That’s why the free & easy Incontinence Product Finder was developed. It saves you time, money and frustration by making it easy to sort through hundreds of products - fast. The video below explains how it works.

Watch this video to learn more about The Incontinence Product Finder

Consumers wasting $130 buying incontinence products

Did you know those buying incontinence products for the first time waste $130 on average in trial and error mode trying to figure out what will work best for them. This is research from the makers of Depend and Poise. The CareGiver Partnership recognizes this and that’s why they provide online tools to help you select the best choice. They also have a team of Product Specialist who are expert on all the products offered and can send you samples ($3.49 each) to try before you buy. Questions? Call them at 1-800-985-1353.

Watch this video to learn more about Try Before You Buy

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