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Playing is More Than Fun

Ironically it was through social interactions with my Dad that we first saw the signs of Dementia. Our family had always played games together but suddenly my Dad couldn’t remember the rules or he kept forgetting whose turn it was. When we began to couple this with other signs in his everyday life we were concerned and made him see a doctor. We were devastated to learn he was beginning to experience Dementia. We sadly assumed we wouldn’t be able to play together anymore and enjoy the type of family get togethers we had always had. It was only when we found out about R.O.S. Therapy Systems we learned just how important it was to keep playing.

While there is no cure for Dementia or Parkinson’s, research has shown playing games can help to slow the onset of symptoms. It can be difficult to find the right games for the elderly. The needed mind games are often still to complicated or overdone for patients who are dealing with cognitive loss. However, when the right activities for Alzheimer patients, those suffering from Dementia and Parkinson’s are found and used correctly, it can mean a higher quality of life for the patient and a chance to bond with family and friends through social interaction.

At The CareGiver Partnership they understand the needs of caregivers and those elderly who dealing with conditions that bring on neurological difficulties. In order to help they are now offering the R.O.S. Legacy System. This is a modular gaming and activity system which offers many different options for the user for entertainment. There are many different reasons why you should consider using The R.O.S. Legacy ™ System for your elderly loved with cognitive failings, here are some of the more pragmatic ones.
  • The R.O.S. Legacy System offers many different ways it can be used. Many times patients who are dealing with these issues become withdrawn. They are fearful about engaging with others due to limited function. Using the R.O.S. Legacy ™ System helps patients to continue engaging with caregivers and others around them. This stimulates better social interaction and gives patients a positive feeling about being able to “do something”. Not only does this improve quality of life but can help slow down the symptoms of cognitive decline. 
  • The R.O.S. Legacy System can be used in a variety of different locations. There is no one size solution when it comes to the needs of the elderly. Some are still active and moving around while others are more sedentary and bedridden. The R.O.S. Legacy ™ System can be used in many different locations whether it is at a chair, a table or in bed. This allows nearly everyone to be able to use it regardless of their circumstances. 
  • The R.O.S. Legacy System can be used by patients who have a number of different conditions which affect neurological functioning. One of the major benefits of the R.O.S. Legacy ™ System is it can be used by patients who have many different conditions including but not limited to: Alzheimer's, Dementia, and Parkinson’s. Each of these patients can have improvement in cognitive abilities no matter what condition they are presently in. This eliminates the need to buy specialized and often expensive games made for a single condition. 
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