Incontinence at Work: Tips for Long Meetings and Business Lunches

4 tips for managing incontinence at work. 
The Longest Day...

Julie knew she had a long day ahead of her at work. Long meetings and then a business lunch with important clients. However, it wasn’t preparing for the meetings or even impressing her clients at lunch that worried her, it was how to manage her urinary incontinence. She was worried with such a busy day and sitting in long meetings and possibly a long lunch she wouldn’t be able to manage her urinary incontinence and she could end up embarrassing herself and even putting her job at risk! However, with a little research Julie was able to find the tips which helped her to sail through her day without missing a beat while impressing her clients and getting the deal!

When many people think about incontinence they assume this is only an issue for the elderly, ill and bedridden. However, you may be surprised to learn with nearly 25 million Americans experiencing some form of incontinence a majority of them are working, active and fairly young. This means if you are one of these working adults who must manage incontinence then it is crucial to gain some tips to help you do so. Here are 4 tips for long meetings and business lunches-

  •  Choose the right incontinence product. Far too often busy people who need to manage their incontinence think any type of incontinence supplies are the right for them. The reality is there are number of different incontinence products on the market and all of them may not be right for you. While it can seem overwhelming there are steps which you can take that will help you choose the right incontinence product to help you manage your incontinence as effectively as possible. At The CareGiver Partnership they have developed an Incontinence Product Finder which can help you choose the right incontinence product to meet your needs. When you have the right incontinence supplies you can confidently approach your workday without worrying about leaks and accidents. 
  • Plan ahead. A big part of effectively managing your incontinence at work is to plan ahead. Knowing where the nearest available restroom is crucial. It is also helpful to know how long meetings will go or will a business lunch take place somewhere you are not familiar with. If you plan ahead this way you can make sure you have used the restroom, changed your incontinence product and have a backup plan before the meeting or lunch even starts. 
  • Wear dark clothes. Hopefully, the worst will never happen at work but when you are managing incontinence it is better to be prepared. Dark clothes will show accidents less prominently than lighter colors. If you should have some leakage onto your clothes this can allow you a less embarrassing walk to the restroom or your car. It can also be helpful to keep a change of clothes at work if you are able to. 
  • Get support. While this may not be possible in every job situation it can be helpful if you can get support. If your boss or a close co-worker knows you are trying to effectively manage your incontinence they can often times provide additional support. Many individuals feel one of the major obstacles about managing incontinence is the isolation. If you can confide in someone at work who can then provide needed backup this can be helpful as well. 
Consumers are very confused about which incontinence products will work best for them or a loved one. In a recent study, Kimberly-Clark, makers of Depend and Poise brands, discovered those buying incontinence products for the first time, waste $130 on average in trial and error mode. That’s about 10 bags of products which can’t be returned, once opened.

That’s why the Free & Easy Incontinence Product Finder was developed. It saves you time, money and frustration by making it easy to sort through hundreds of products - fast. This video explains how it works. Questions? Call 800-985-1353 & speak with one of our knowledgeable female product specialists, who are or have been caregivers.

The CareGiver Partnership also offers an incontinence sample service to help you avoid the costly mistake of ordering a case of product which does not meet your needs – risk free. They offer over 100 different samples-- styles, sizes, and absorbencies to choose from. The cost is only $3.49 for shipping. This video about the Try Before You Buy Sample Service can show you how to avoid the costly mistake of ordering a case of product which does not meet your needs.

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