95% of Nursing Home Residents Are Being Neglected

Don't let your senior loved one be a statistic. 
Neglect & Abuse

Statistics show 95% of nursing home residents report either senior neglect or abuse. This statistics is both overwhelming and frightening for those family members who cannot care for an elderly loved one and must turn to a long term care facility for help. Family members worry if they can’t be there daily to check on their loved one then the worst might happen. This fear often keeps families from making a needed decision which provides their loved one with the care they truly need. However, today there is no reason for this fear. Senior care auditing can provide a way for you to know if your loved is being taken care and is receiving the services which you paid for.

Penrose Senior Care AuditorsⓇ are a pioneer in this area of senior care. They will make sure your loved one is being taken care and the facility they are living in has the right equipment and staff to provide this care. Penrose Senior Care Auditors have created the auditors, audit and process which will allow you to have the peace of mind you need. By using a Penrose Senior Care Auditors, you can make sure your elderly loved one is being taken care of in the way you want. There are several reasons why you should consider using Penrose Senior Care Auditors. Here are 3 of them-

  • Penrose Senior Care Auditors are an affordable way to know what is happening with your loved one. The reality of 2 income families along with large geographical distances between family members often means someone in the family simply can’t be there on a regular basis to see what is happening with an elderly loved one. However, senior care auditing is a way to make this happen. Penrose Senior Care Auditors are committed to making this an affordable service so family members and others can have needed peace of mind their senior is being taken care of properly. Prices range from $40 to $150 per audit depending on where you live.
  • Penrose Senior Care Auditors are an ongoing service. Most caregivers want to know on a long term basis how their loved one is doing. You can set up regular visits through Penrose Senior Care Auditors which will have an auditor checking on your loved one so you know know long-term their needs are being well taken care of. 
  • Penrose Senior Care Auditors only uses employees who are trained at spotting the signs of senior neglect or abuse. The auditors who are employed must pass an extensive background check before going to work for Penrose Senior Care Auditors. They are also trained on how to use the comprehensive 7-Factor Audit system (covering over 150 items) in order to get a detailed report which will let you know how your loved one is being taken of in multiple areas. The results of the audit are then automatically uploaded using a mobile device which is connected to the proprietary Senior Care Audit Center. You can then easily access the report by going online and entering your password. 
We at The CareGiver Partnership have been studying this new type of service now for two years. After careful evaluation and due diligence of the options, we feel confident recommending Penrose Senior Care Auditing. We feel they will help you feel reassured that your loved one is receiving the dignified care which you expect and they deserve. And if not, you’ll immediately know about it. No longer will you need to wonder if your loved one is experiencing senior abuse or neglect or if they are receiving the care you’re paying for and they deserve.

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If you feel Penrose Senior Care Auditors might be the right ‘peace of mind’ solution for you and and a loved one, give them a call at 800-627-2313 and mention The CareGiver Partnership. Just for trying them, you will receive 10% off your first 8 visits, courtesy of The CareGiver Partnership.  
If you'd prefer to register online, use code CGP10.

Remember… it is a fact that paid caregivers provide better care when they know a family member, loved one or other party (like Penrose Senior Care Auditors) is engaged. Penrose Senior Care Auditors makes sure your senior loved-ones are okay – and that caregivers are doing their jobs.

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