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When my Mom suddenly couldn’t live on her own anymore I worried what I could do to help her? My own job had me traveling several days out of the month so bringing her to live with me just wasn’t an option. I worried if she was left alone that she could possibly fall and not even be found for days. She was also struggling to feed herself and I often worried about her diet and nutrition. 

However, after reading numerous stories about elder abuse and senior neglect in care centers, I was afraid to place her in an assisted living facility. I felt overwhelmed and alone until I discovered I didn’t have to be there everyday to in order to make sure Mom was doing alright. A new type of service called senior care auditing is developing around the country to precisely help alleviate concerns like mine. Apparently, there are many others like me in the same situation. They have become my eyes and ears when I’m not able to be there. They have become my ‘peace of mind partner’ and watch over the people who provide care to my mother. Their name is Penrose Senior Care Auditors.

Penrose Senior Care Auditors can be your eyes and ears when you can’t be there with mom or any senior in your care. They will use their 150 item, 7-Factor Audit to make sure your elderly loved one is being cared for in a safe and respectful manner. They will examine various aspects of the senior center or assisted living facility where the senior is and then generate a report which will be emailed to you. This way you’ll have firsthand knowledge of what is happening with the care of your loved one. Here are just a few examples.
  • Penrose Senior Care Auditors will examine the odor and temperature of the facility. Many times senior care centers are not cleaned thoroughly resulting in unpleasant and unhealthy odors. The senior care auditor will make sure this does not occur and that the garbage is promptly and safely disposed of. They will also note whether the temperature of the facility and the individual rooms is comfortable for the residents and your loved one in particular. 
  • Penrose Senior Care Auditors will examine the operations and maintenance of the senior care facility. Is the technology which is being used up to date? Is it kept in working order? Is regular maintenance being done on the facility or are windows cracked, doors off the hinges or plumbing not working? The senior care auditor will help to make sure your senior is being taken care of in a facility which is up to date and well maintained. 
  • Penrose Senior Care Auditors will examine the condition of your loved one. Many seniors are unable to report if they are not being cared for properly - perhaps due to an illness. Because the elderly are such a vulnerable population they are often the most victimized. The senior care auditor will make observations of the mood and overall hygiene of your loved one. They will look for signs of physical abuse and be able to report whether your loved one may be at risk for senior abuse. 
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Penrose is a verified and trusted partner of The CareGiver Partnership. If you feel Penrose Senior Care auditors might be the right choice for your loved ones needs, you can receive 10% off your first 8 visits. There are two ways to do this.

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Loved ones of families that visit often and interact with the staff at senior facilities, get better care. Penrose Senior Care Auditors makes sure your senior loved-ones are okay – and that caregivers are doing their jobs.

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