I Was Shocked When I Learned What My Mom's Caretaker Had Been Doing

Avoid a caregiver nightmare with Penrose Senior Care Auditors.
A nightmare for Mom and Me

It was one of the most difficult decisions I had ever made when I realized my Mom could not continue to live on her own. Not only was she not eating, but her mobility was steadily decreasing making her at risk for a fall. I worried she might fall and it could be hours if not days before someone found her. However, when my family and I researched nursing homes in her area we found one which seemed reputable and would provide the care she deserved. You can imagine my shock a few weeks later when I went to visit and found my Mom was eating less, the room she was in was a complete mess and worse yet, she looked uncared for and neglected. I wondered how we could have avoided this situation.

The answer to avoiding this situation lies with senior care auditing. Penrose Senior Care Auditors provides senior care auditors who will go to where your loved one is living and make an evaluation on how they are doing. They use a comprehensive 7-Factor AuditⓇ which covers over 150 points including but not limited to: how well the facility is maintained to how many staff are available and responsive to give the needed care. There are many different reasons to use Penrose Senior Care Auditors. Here are 3 of them:

  • Penrose Senior Care Auditors will bridge the gap between your loved one and you. Many seniors are not able to fully communicate when there are problems with their living situation. This can be due to illness, depression or even a lack of knowledge about technology. This can keep your loved one isolated and unable to communicate with you when there is a problem with their living situation, they need you to help with. 
  • Penrose Senior Care Auditors will be your eyes and ears when you can’t be there. The reality is not all family members live in close proximity to each other. Many family members worry when they cannot visit their loved one daily or weekly they won’t be receiving the care they need or the services you have paid for. Penrose Senior Care Auditors will make sure this is not happening and if there is a problem, you will be alerted right away. 
  •  Penrose Senior Care Auditors will be the ongoing link between you and your loved one. The reality of senior care is staff leaves, facilities can change owners, and many other factors can affect the care your loved one is receiving. With ongoing audits from Penrose Senior Care Auditors you will be assured your loved one is being well taken care of and receiving the care they need and deserve. Weekly or bi-weekly visits will be scheduled which will allow you to receive state of the art reports on a regular basis as to how your loved one is doing. Prices range from $40 to $150 per audit depending on where you live.
We at The CareGiver Partnership have been studying this new type of service now for two years. After careful evaluation and due diligence of the options, we feel confident recommending Penrose Senior Care Auditors. We feel they will help you feel reassured your loved one is receiving the dignified care which you expect and they deserve. And if not, you’ll immediately know about it. No longer will you need to wonder if your loved one is experiencing senior abuse or neglect or if they are receiving the care you’re paying for and they deserve.

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If you feel that Penrose Senior Care Auditors is the right 'peace of mind' solution for you and your loved one. Give them a call at 800-627-2313. Just for trying them, you will receive 10% off your first 8 visits, courtesy of The CareGiver Partnership. Again, call Penrose at 800-627-2313 and mention The Caregiver Partnership.  
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It is a fact that better care is provided when the staff knows that a family member, loved one or another is closely monitoring the care being provided. Penrose Senior Care Auditors makes sure your senior loved-ones are okay – and that caregivers are doing their jobs. This highly informative
video can help you learn more about Penrose Senior Care Auditors.

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