Seni Incontinence Products Now Imported From Europe

The CareGiver Partnership is now offering
Seni incontinence products from Europe.
A Better Choice of Incontinence Products - Super Premium

Not to long ago, if you or someone you cared about was diagnosed with incontinence your choices as to what to use for incontinence supplies was fairly limited. Most people who were experiencing symptoms of incontinence had to settle for a one size fits all, oversized baby diaper that may or (more often) may not protect against leakage and accidents. Today, there is no need to settle. There are many different choices in incontinence products and adult diapers. A new product line now available in the U.S. is Seni, imported from Europe.

All About Seni

The Caregiver Partnership is now offering Seni incontinence products from Europe. Seni is manufactured by TZMO in Poland. They have been making disposable absorbent personal care products since 1951. Today, this super premium performance line can now be found in 80 countries. TZMO not only offers incontinence supplies but feminine hygiene products, baby diapers and a wide range of disposable medical products.

Following are 3 major reasons why you should consider Seni incontinence supplies for your incontinence needs:
  • Seni incontinence supplies offer a complete range. Many consumers are often frustrated they have to buy one incontinence product style from one brand and another from a totally different brand. You won’t have frustration with Seni since they offer one of the most extensive lines of incontinence supplies available. Adult diapers, pull-on underwear, male guards, pads for women, larger shaped pads, supporting pants and washcloths are just some of the Seni incontinence product line. 
  • Seni incontinence products offer more sizes for a better fit and better protection. The makers of Seni understand fit is the foundation where excellent protection begins. When someone is using an incontinence product which is too small or too big they are at increased risk for leakage and accidents. Seni offers more sizes then the leading brand in order to make sure you get the fit and the protection you need (briefs and pull-on underwear). If an incontinence product is to work well it must fit precisely. Over 80% of leaks occur at the rear buttocks area. 
Because of this Seni offers many more sizing choices than even the Depend brand on the most popular styles. For example - Seni briefs offer 4 to 6 sizes in two absorbencies while Depend offers just one absorbency in two sizes. Plus, Seni are super premium. Because they work better and have more sizes to fit better, you can use a ‘just right’ size and absorbency which will save you money. Professionals in long term care facilities have known this for a long time.  Use the 'super' for daytime and the 'super plus' at night or when your away from home.
  • Seni incontinence products are made to baby sensitive skin. Keeping skin safe and healthy can be a major challenge for those dealing with incontinence. The makers of Seni understand this. All Seni incontinence supplies contain super absorbent material (SAM) inside so moisture is locked away from sensitive skin. This also helps to prevent odor. 
In addition, Seni incontinence products are made in a way which actually allows vapors to pass through allowing the skin to breathe. Millions of microscopic pores allows vapor to flow in and out while keeping moisture inside the pad, and you well protected. All Seni incontinence supplies are also made with cloth like materials rather than harsh or stiff plastic. This provides discretion while wearing since the material is both comfortable and quiet.

Unlike the impersonal big box stores which usually only offer 3 brands of incontinence products and no one knowledgeable to help, The CareGiver Partnership shops the world over to find the best incontinence products - those used by consumers and professionals alike. As of the time of this writing, we offer over 670 choices.

More brands, styles, sizes and absorbencies than even the big box stores - 10X more. However, even when you have an idea of what incontinence products you are looking for it can still be overwhelming. That’s why the free & easy Incontinence Product Finder was developed. It saves you time, money and frustration by making it easy to sort through hundreds of products - fast. The video below explains how it works.

Watch this video about The Incontinence Product Finder

We also have a team of Product Specialist who are expert on all the products we offer and can offer to send you samples ($3.49 each). Questions? Call them at 1-800-985-1353 M-F 9-4 CST.

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