Grandma may never need to 'give up her car keys'...

Driverless cars and for those with other handicaps will be a godsend.
When it comes to advancement in car technology, the most amazing and futuristic change at the moment is without doubt driver-less cars. From Google to Mercedes-Benz research, development and the amount of budget shifted towards developing driver-less cars has rocketed in recent years. But one thing rarely mentioned when driver-less cars are being discussed is how the technology may be useful for senior drivers. Seniors may never need to give u their car keys. This alone will help keep them independent and engaged in social activities.

Toyota Sienna designed for easy in and out

Toyota Sienna with auto access seat system for easy in and out
As demonstrated in this video showing the accessibility of the Toyota Sienna, car manufacturers are interested in the senior car market and developing cars that are specifically suited to older drivers.
With that in mind driver-less cars may one day alleviate the fears of many aging drivers in that drivers will be able to keep hold of the keys for years longer than if they drove a standard car. Keeping licenses longer is not only a boost to personal independence but is likely to increase feelings of self-worth and value.

But until that time has come this infographic developed by Bluebird Care explains the best cars for senior drivers as well as disabled drivers. The infographic also includes 20 tips on choosing a car for older or disabled drivers:

Other tools for easier in & out and up & down

Stander mobility products will help a loved be more independent, restore their dignity and help them enjoy life again. You’ll feel good knowing you’ve helped them. There are products to help a person get in and out of car easier, up and down off the toilet, out of an easy chair. A full line of solutions for the car, bathroom, bedroom and living room.

I have personally purchased many Stander products for my mom who lives in an assisted living facility and I am very impressed. What’s more, all Stander products are designed in the U.S. and come with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.”

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