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1 in every 12 people have ABL. 
You are not alone. 18 million have accidental bowel leakage. Studies show approximately 18 million U.S. adults have fecal incontinence also known as accidental bowel leakage (ABL). This amounts to about 1 in every 12 people. It is important to know people of any age can have fecal incontinence. However, it is more common in older adults. In addition, accidental bowel leakage or fecal incontinence is slightly more common among women.

This issue occurs when an individual has a problem controlling their bowels and solid or liquid stool is passed from the rectum. In addition, the person with this type of incontinence may be unable to reach a toilet in time or may not even have enough anal sensation to know they are having an accidental bowel leakage.

This type of incontinence is highly embarrassing for the individual and often anyone dealing with this will not seek out medical care due to being ashamed. However, by understanding the possible causes of fecal incontinence along with the solutions this is an issue which can be successfully managed.

  • The symptoms of fecal incontinence. Many times someone who is experiencing fecal incontinence will have chronic diarrhea. This is when a person passes loose or watery stools 3 or more times everyday. In addition, someone with fecal incontinence may have an overwhelming and sudden urge to move their bowels. 
  • Causes of fecal incontinence. Sometimes fecal incontinence is brought on by a serious disease or injury. This is often due to the aftermath of injury to the muscles which control evacuation in the pelvic floor. Those individuals who are in poorer health are most at risk for this type of incontinence. Prostate surgery can leave some men dealing with fecal incontinence. More women than men must deal with this issue. This is due to the fact that there has been injury during pregnancy or childbirth. 
  • Solutions which can help to manage fecal incontinence. If you or someone in your care is dealing with this issue it is important to seek out medical treatment. Only your healthcare professional can determine what the underlying cause of your fecal incontinence and prescribe ways to treat and manage this issue.
While you are seeking treatment for fecal incontinence it is important to understand there are ways to help you manage this issue and most importantly continue on with your daily life and enjoyed activities Today, there are a number of different incontinence products which can help you to do this. 

Two of these incontinence products are:
Butterfly Body Liner

  • Butterfly Body Liner-This type of incontinence products is made for both women and men. The Butterfly pad can provide you with secure protection from accidental bowel leakage. Best of all, it is both discreet and comfortable so no one has to know you are wearing it. It has been found the Butterfly Body Liner provides 2 times the absorbency of other anal leakage pads. Butterfly incontinence pads are also comfortable and fit securely in the buttocks so they can provide the highest level of protection against leaks. They also provide an odor shield and highly absorbent core so they can be worn discreetly. The adhesive strip allows for a secure fit and the wings provide a hygienic removal. Butterfly Body Liners for women come in 2 different sizes so the highest level of protection can be chosen. 

B-Sure Absorbent Pads
  • B-Sure Absorbent Pads-This incontinence product was developed over 25 years ago. They have been shown to help millions of people deal with their Accidental Bowel Leakage. This incontinence pad is B shaped and fits comfortably between the buttocks of the user. It can be used to absorb mild anal leakage. Users have reported they are so comfortable they forget they are wearing them since they are so convenient and easy to use. This discreet incontinence product also absorbs odor which makes them easy to wear and use. B-Sure also offers other incontinence supplies such as odor eliminator, perineal wash, and Bottom Balm(to help protect skin against the effects of incontinence. 
Choosing incontinence products can be confusing.

Studies show that people buying incontinence products for the first time waste $130 in trial and error mode. Thats about 10 bags of product that can’t be returned. That’s why The Caregiver Partnership offers a “Try Before you Buy” incontinence product sample service which allows you to try incontinence products for a small shipping and handling fee before committing to a larger quantity. Learn more in this video.

Try the free and easy Incontinence Product Finder
The Caregiver Partnership offers more than 500 adult incontinence products for both men and women. If you are unsure as to what incontinence product would work best for you, they can help you. They have developed the free and easy Incontinence Product Finder. It saves you time, money and frustration by making it easy to sort through hundreds of products - quickly and easily.

If you have questions call 800-985-1353 and speak with one of their knowledgeable product specialists. The call center is staffed by women age 55 and older who are all current or former caregivers themselves and are highly knowledgeable about the products offered.

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