Making Sure Your Mom Is Getting the Care She Deserves

Making sure your mom is getting the care she deserves. 
Finding the right place for you mom is a challenging and frightening choice

I never imagined I would be in the position of trying to find my mom somewhere safe to live halfway across the country from me! When it became apparent my mom simply couldn’t live on her own anymore, it fell to me as her only daughter to find her somewhere to live where she could be comfortable and safe. When she didn’t want to leave the area she had lived in most of her life I began looking for centers where she could stay close to the friends and family members who lived by her. However, I was frightened after hearing stories of elder abuse and neglect and I couldn’t imagine how this could work if she wouldn’t come live closer to me.

Fortunately, I learned I wasn’t on my own when it came to making sure my mom was receiving the care she needed and deserved. Now there is a new service available that audits the care a loved one is getting: senior care auditing.  Senior care auditors makes sure, whether you live near to or far from your loved one they are being given care in a caring and respectful manner. Hiring a senior care auditor signals to caregivers that you are engaged in your loved ones care.  This almost always results in better care.  Penrose Senior Care Auditors created this new service and provides many benefits. There are several benefits they provide.  Here are three of them-

  •  Penrose Senior Care Auditors can check cleanliness and clutter. Studies show one of the biggest problems for seniors in any type of care situation is a lack of cleanliness. Clutter is often left throughout care centers and residents are forced to live in substandard levels of cleanliness. This is not only demoralizing to residents but can also present health threats to vulnerable seniors. Using the 7-Factor Audit, Penrose Senior Care Auditors ensure your loved one is residing in a clean, and well cared for facility.
  •  Penrose Senior Care Auditors assess the professionalism, friendliness and politeness of caregivers and the support that is being given. The bottom line is even if your senior is living in the nicest and newest facility it won’t matter if the caregivers are not of the highest quality. You will want to make sure that your loved one is receiving the level of care they deserve. Penrose Senior Care Auditors ensure this is what is happening. They can use the 7-Factor Audit, it assesses whether the staff is  providing the quality of care you expect.
  •  Penrose Senior Care Auditors observes the senior who is receiving care. Family members are often concerned about the physical and mental state of their senior in the care center. In addition, many seniors are unable to communicate how they are doing over the phone. With Penrose Senior Care Auditors you can be assured they will make observations about the senior who is receiving care and whether or not  there could be a problem. This includes looking for signs of physical abuse and neglect.

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If you feel that Penrose Senior Care Auditors is the right 'peace of mind' solution for you and your loved one, give them a call at 800-627-2313. Just for trying them, you will receive 10% off your first 8 visits, courtesy of The CareGiver Partnership. Again, call Penrose at 800-627-2313 and mention The Caregiver Partnership.  
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