The Golden Standard for Caregivers

Guest post by Brandon McBride from 1+1 Senior Care

For more than three years, I cared for my disabled mom who lived with me and my grandmother who lived across town on her own. Between those two splendid ladies and a borderline rebellious pre-teen, I plowed through a season when my family's needs always seemed to be more important than my own. I worked part-time outside of the home, but on a daily basis, I cleaned and ensured the meals for two households. I also assisted both seniors with personal care, medications and doctor appointments... all while keeping my daughter grounded through her adolescent years. Like so many caregivers, at one point I felt like I was just riding out the tempest of a sacrificial storm. However, now that the storm is over, I see a few things I would do differently, but I also see some valuable lessons learned that are still empowering my life today.

An Empowering Perspective for Caregivers
One day, when I was feeling tired and overwhelmed by the responsibility of taking care of two seniors, for some reason I found myself thinking about The Golden Rule and the idea of treating others the way I wanted to be treated. In mulling over that idea, it occurred to me that the golden standard for treating others well... is the way we treat ourselves. Up to that point, I was trying to be a noble martyr, but that day, I bought into the concept that if I was neglecting myself, on some-level, I was also neglecting my love ones. It didn't happen overnight, but that new paradigm prompted me to start looking for small ways to give myself a break. Like, was it really necessary to wash the dishes multiple times a day? And discovering, that the perfect time for a long bath was the middle of the day when my kid was at school. I started small, but overtime my new outlook helped me find significant ways to ease the burden of caring for my loved ones.

Significant Resources for Seniors
As a principal caregiver, you don't need to do it all, but you do need to make smart decisions for everyone you care for including yourself. So reach out to your local Aging & Disability Office to find out if your senior qualifies for a range of programs designed to help the elderly live independently. From prepared meals delivered directly to the door to personal aids who cook, clean and accompany seniors on doctor's visits and shopping trips, supportive services are affordable and can significantly enhance the quality of life for seniors and those who want to help.

About 1+1 Senior Care
1+1 Senior Care is a professional in-home caregiving service based in warm Sunnyvale, CA. Our goal is to provide courteous, personal service for seniors who are in need of living assistance. Our caregivers are available for short-term visits or round-the-clock care.

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