Online Support Helps Our High Percentage of Incontinent Americans

One in two older Americans experiences incontinence.

by Lynn Wilson, Founder of The CareGiver Partnership

As the U.S. Centers for Disease Control reports more than half of older Americans experience incontinence, here’s more information on the physical, emotional, and financial effects of urinary and bowel incontinence and where to find help.

According to a report published in the June edition of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control’s Vital and Health Statistics, more than 50 percent of older Americans experience urinary or bowel leakage. According to a lead researcher and statistician at the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, about one-quarter of those affected experienced moderate to very severe urinary leakage and about 8 percent had moderate to very severe bowel leakage, as reported by Gannett.

Incontinence affects not only one’s health, but also can cause stress, depression, isolation and even financial difficulties. It’s just as important to us that we support caregivers and seniors emotionally and socially as it is to offer the hundreds of different incontinence products we carry.

Here's why the CareGiver Partnership is a virtual one-stop shop for products, resources and support:
  • Seniors and caregivers who want to learn more about incontinence, aging in place and more have free access to more than 1,200 easily searchable articles right here on The CareGiver Partnership blog. It’s one of the most heavily read blogs by family caregivers, and it’s in large part because it’s known for fresh, frequently updated content with no advertising.
  • The CareGiver Resource Library is home to more than 1,500 links to useful resources in one convenient place. Resources include non-profits, government and health care organizations, home care services, product information, and financial and legal information important to caregivers.
  • Those seeking an online support community will find more than 12,000 followers on The CareGiver Partnership’s Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages. There’s something for everyone, from conversations with like-minded individuals to caregiver health tips, daily mediations to prevent burnout and much more. Links to these communities are found on The CareGiver Partnership’s home page.
  • Customers buying incontinence products for the first time waste an average of $130 trying products before finding what they need. To help customers save time, money and frustration, The CareGiver Partnership provides a free online Incontinence Product Finder, where customers easily can sort through more than 650 products in seconds. Customers also can try samples before they buy, paying only a minimal shipping cost.

By combining our Incontinence Product Finder with our “Try Before You Buy” sample service, we’re providing caregivers with tools to help avoid the costly mistake of buying incontinence products that don’t meet their needs.

Those with questions also have free access to our team of knowledgeable Product Specialists, all of whom are current or former caregivers themselves. Calls usually are answered by the third ring by real people based in Neenah, Wis. The customer service number, available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Central Standard Time, is 1-800-985-1353.

About The CareGiver Partnership. The CareGiver Partnership helps caregivers and their
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loved ones with answers to their caregiving questions, including information about home health care products and supplies, from our Wisconsin-based team of Product Specialists who are all current or former caregivers. The company’s Web site provides the largest online library of resources on subjects most important to caregivers — from arthritis to assisted living, and Parkinson’s to prostate cancer — as well as access to more than 3,000 home care products for incontinence, skin care, mobility, home safety and daily living aids. The CareGiver Partnership was founded in 2004 by Lynn Wilson of Neenah, Wis. Visit to learn more or call 1-800-985-1353. Help support this ad-free blog by answering several questions about caregiving here. It will take just two minutes.

Watch this video on how easy it is to find the right incontinence products.


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