I Wet the Bed, Do You?

Adult bed wetting is far more common than most people think.
“I’m an adult who wets the bed. It is so embarrassing, am I the only one? Is there even anything I can do?” If you have ever said this or thought this, then this is for you: 

You are not alone.

You do have options.

Adult bed wetting is far more common than most people would think, but that does not make it any less frustrating. And that doesn’t mean you should ignore it or not seek treatment. Get some help.

What help is available to you?
The help available to you starts with talking to your doctor. Your doctor can help to identify why you are wetting the bed, and possibly prescribe medication to help put a stop to it while you treat the cause.

Medication can help, but may not be a long-term solution. Talk to your doctor about treatment options that will help you find long-term results.

Get an alarm- You can get an enuresis alarm. It will alert you before you start wetting, and help you wake in time to make it to a bathroom.

Help yourself:

While medical help is going to make a huge difference, there are things you can do to help yourself as well. Specifically in these four areas:

Drinks- Stay properly hydrated. When you do not drink enough your bladder can be irritated and this can lead to worsened symptoms. But, you should also be smart about your fluid intake. Drinking too close to bed-time can result in a bladder that can’t make it through the night. Cut yourself off a couple hours before bed.

Waking- If you know you can’t make it through the night, be sure to set an alarm so you can use the bathroom. Go to the bathroom right before bed. Wake yourself up if you need to. Then go as soon as you get up. Waking yourself up is going to be uncomfortable at first, but it will help.

Bladder training- You can do bladder training exercises to help with urge incontinence and to get your bladder back to healthy. This involves set times that you use the bathroom, and helping yourself go longer between times.

Management- Managing your symptoms is going to be a big part of finding relief, normalcy, and confidence as an adult bed-wetter. Choosing the right absorbent products can really make a difference. They can offer protection, comfort, and confidence. You must find the right products for you. The right fit. The right style. The right size. The Caregiver Partnership offers an easy way for you to get what you need.

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