Achieving Cost Effective Incontinence Care

Achieve cost effective incontinence care. 
Incontinence care can be expensive. How can you achieve cost effective incontinence care? You can do so by making choices to improve the quality of care, while reducing the overall cost. 

To do this cost effectively:

1. Get a proper diagnoses, know your type and cause of incontinence.

2. Get treatment, reducing symptoms and leaks.

3. Buy samples before buying cases.

4. Buy the right products for your incontinence needs. Buying adult diapers when you only need pads, for example, can be very costly.

5. Protect your skin, bedding, and furniture so you do not incur additional costs.

Ensure physical comfort.

This is best done by:

1. Choosing the right type of product.

2. Choosing the right fit.

3. Try Samples before Buying cases.

If the incontinence individual is physically uncomfortable, this will usually result in the use of additional products, leaks and accidents that require time, energy, and money to clean up. For example, if a product does not keep moisture away from the skin, even if the cost of the product is less than a name brand option, the overall cost may be higher. You may need to purchase products to improve skin quality, and there will be a physical cost as well.

Thus, the best way to have cost effective incontinence care, is to choose products that provide protection and prevent the negative side effects that incontinence can cause.

According to Kimberly-Clarks consumer research the average consumer wastes over $130 the first time they buy incontinence products. It is easy to get confused about products, brands, styles, and sizes, as well as absorbency. Once a package is opened, it can’t be returned, making mistakes costly. The best way to avoid this is to purchase samples before buying cases.

Samples can be purchased in sets of 4 for just $3.49. Call 800-985-1353 M-F 9-4 CST to order. 

Try our Sample Service to avoid wasting money on trial and error. 
Ensure emotional comfort.

This best way to ensure emotional comfort is pretty much the same as providing physical comfort. When an incontinent individual is physically comfortable, and knows that they will not experience leaks from their absorbent products, skin irritation, or odor problems, they are far more emotionally comfortable.

Things like leaks, odor, and waking to a damp mattress or skin irritation have emotional consequences as well as physical and economic. Caring for the emotional comfort of your loved one is just as important for cost-effective care.

In order to provide cost-effective care, the individual must feel confident that they will not experience leaks, that they will be comfortable, that their odor will be controlled, and more. This is best done by choosing the proper size, type, absorbency, and design of product, and wearing it properly. Learn more about  product types, and to help you determine which are best for your loved one. 

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