Incontinence Solutions: Lifestyle Changes to Help You Cope

Incontinence Solutions
Have you ever felt an intense, sudden need to use the bathroom, or laughed so hard your bladder leaked? You aren't alone. Incontinence affects around 13 million Americans which leads to the need for incontinence products. Here are some tips to ease your incontinence issues, along with the best adultdiapers, available from The Caregiver Partnership.

First, consider that incontinence can be triggered or worsened by various medications, especially diuretics, which cause urge incontinence. Urge incontinence happens when the weakness of the sphincter muscle closure combined with a behavioral trigger (such as locking your front door) which causes the bladder to squeeze and large amounts of urine to leak.

High blood pressure medications can cause stress incontinence by relaxing bladder muscles. This leads to a greater need for adult incontinence diapers. Stress incontinence happens when the pelvic floor muscles are weak. Physical activity like jumping or laughing can lead to the necessity of disposable adult diapers in these situations.

Some incontinence solutions to decrease urine production include avoiding spicy foods, colas, caffeine, alcohol, and chocolate, which increase urine production; however, not drinking enough water also causes an unstable bladder. Stay hydrated and avoid these irritating food/drinks.

Other tips to decrease incontinence include scheduling a regular bathroom run every 1.5 to two hours. Try not to stress, as this can upset your bladder. As far as changing your actual body and improving the strength of your pelvic bowl, try doing pelvic floor exercises called keels 80 times each day. You will see benefits in about six weeks.

Of course, all of these tricks probably won't completely solve your incontinence problems. It will likely still be important to purchase quality incontinence pads such as Abena , Prevail or Tranquility diapers. For more information please visit or contact us at 800.985.1353 and one of our friendly and knowledgeable product specialists will help you.

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