Incontinence Products Help People Of All Ages

Regain your dignity, freedom and confidence
Incontinence products help all kinds of people regain their dignity, freedom and confidence when the products are used correctly.  They can also help people do jobs that otherwise would not be possible without wetting their pants.  Divers use specially made adult diapers so that they can dive longer.  These adult diapers are made to work in water and can be used by swimmers as well.  They are non-disposable.  Other types of adult diapers may or may not be disposable.

The disposable adult diapers can become costly in a hurry if you are changing them several times a day. In this case you may be smart to change to the washable incontinence products as they are easier on your budget. The washable products will be taken care of right away as you can wash them in the sink with some hot water. This way you don’t need to worry about the concerns that come with sanitary issues when you are tossing disposable adult diapers into the garbage can.

A person who uses a wheelchair may need to use incontinence products to help protect them in those places where there are inadequate facilities.  While the Americans with Disabilities Act requires that businesses and public facilities have accessible bathrooms and other reasonable accommodations, some people are not able to move themselves from the wheelchair.  They need someone to help.  If there is no one, a diaper may be needed.  Others may have the mobility, but are unable to move themselves quickly enough from the chair to the toilet.  Again, a diaper or pull-up can help in these cases.

As people age, they may lose control of their bladders in certain situations.  A pull-up, pad or liner can be a great solution for them.  The pull-up is easier to get on and off than a diaper, and it doesn’t feel like the person is wearing a diaper.  They could just be a pair of bulky underwear. 

Pads and liners work with the person’s normal underwear to provide a layer of protection against a lighter flow.  These options are great for those who may release a little urine when they trip or laugh; although, if laughter triggers an incontinence episode, the person may want to wear a pull-up or diaper because life should be filled with laughter.

Incontinence products are used by perfectly healthy people to accomplish feats that others may never have to go through.  No one should ever be ashamed to use incontinence products.  They are a great way to help people maintain their freedom and dignity in a culture that values independence over interdependence. 

Try out a sample packet of various incontinence supplies in order to find the right level of absorbency for the type of incontinence that you are suffering from. A simple pad may be all that you need in order to properly manage the incontinence problem that you have. Other people may find that you need to opt for something a little thicker like a large adult diaper. The diapers out there are not nearly as bulky as those sold 30 years ago so don’t think of them like a child’s diaper as they are quite different! Caregivers often find that the disposable diapers are wonderful to work with since you can quickly remove them thanks to the side Velcro side straps.

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With so many amazing incontinence products on the market, it is easier than ever to have control over the embarrassment that is associated with incontinence. From adult diapers to bed pads, there are products out there that can help you and will be able to keep you protected and safe from embarrassment.

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