Finding Depends For Women That Fit Your Lifestyle

Depends for women
As women age, they may encounter incontinence as a symptom of a medical condition that they may have over their life. Incontinence is not an issue that needs to hold a woman back. With the help of incontinence products from Depends, a woman will be able to live an active and normal lifestyle. This article will help explore the many different fine products that Depends offers that may help women overcome incontinence.

Pads are the most common type of incontinence product. These are not complete diapers or underwear, but a protective device that a woman can wear in her pants.  A comfortable pad will fit neatly into a woman’s underwear and will be thin enough for her to wear most types of pants without someone noticing. Pads are more or less for women who may have a light incontinence problem. For heavier incontinence issues, there are diapers and protective underwear available.

Protective underwear is a bit more heavy-duty than pads. Underwear is a great way for women who have lost their feeling of knowing when to go to feel confident in public. Underwear is a bit thicker and more noticeable than pads. However, most women feel that they are just as comfortable as regular underwear. They don’t squeak when you walk around. Most women are able to wear normal jeans with them and other types of pants.

Women often prefer Depends because they are discrete. The underwear line looks and feels just like your regular underwear. It has elastic sides that pull up and down, making it easy to feel “normal” when you wear them. They also have the “Ultra ABSOB-LOC protection”. This is a special design by Depends to prevent fluids from leaking out of the underwear. Having this level of protection can help you to reduce feeling stressed and worried all the time and also aids in giving you back your confidence again!

Depends diapers are also available for people who have heavy incontinence issues. Diapers are designed for people who are bedridden or wheelchair bound. These designs are more heavy-duty in nature. Diapers are made out of a liner material that is noisy. Therefore, diapers are not adequate if you are very active. They are thick and are noticeable underneath pants. Depends diapers are, however, extremely comfortable. The person who wears them will not notice that they have them on. 

Depends diapers acknowledges that having to wear adult incontinence products can be a source of embarrassment. Depends wants all healthcare providers to be able to help their patients respect their dignity. Therefore, Depends offers free samples of their products. If you do not know whether pads, diapers, or underwear or better, trying them for a few days can help you make a decision about what works best for your patients.

Depends free samples are great for individuals. They can get them from their doctor or from their long-term assisted living facility. Diapers, pads, and underwear can help a person with incontinence live a very normal life. Having dependable incontinence products can also help healthcare providers be more efficient in their practice. If a long-term care center is very short on help, it may be some time before a patient can have their diaper changed. Having a good diaper or other type of incontinence product can help prevent bedsores and skin irritation. All in all, good diapers also ensure that a patient is comfortable and guarantees a certain level of dignity.

Many customers rate Depends for women as some of the best on the market for protection and discreteness. If you want to manage your incontinence problem without others knowing, try a sample of Depends diapers today!

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