Why Men Love New Boxer Style Disposable Pull-On Underwear

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that help maintain dignity
There is a new incontinence product.  The CareGiver Partnership is the first to offer these.  These pull on underwear in a boxer style are offering men suffering from incontinence a chance to regain dignity and normalcy in their life.  Here's why...

They look great
Although not many will be looking at your underwear, this new incontinence product has a great look to it. They look just like a traditional boxer style undergarment. They sport a masculine design and a light gray pattern. Although extremely absorbent, as much so or more than a pull-on underwear, they are not bulky, and could easily be mistaken for regular underwear, which is the whole idea. Men can visit the gym locker room without feeling self conscious about their underwear because these incontinence underwear look just like any other pair of men’s boxers. They can wear their tight-fitting jeans, and these incontinence boxer style underwear are not noticeable. They appear exactly as a cloth pair of boxers would. They are masculine, sporty, and not noticeable, a winning combination.
"I wore these in the bedroom and my wife had 
no idea they were disposable pull-on underwear".
They feel great
The Prevail boxers are made from a cloth-like soft fabric that is extremely comfortable to wear. Not only do they look like traditional boxer styled underwear, they feel like them too. They have the absorbency up front where men need it most to help manage incontinence without embarrassment, allowing men to maintain dignity and normalcy, while also achieving comfort.

They work great
Prevail Boxers are made in the USA by First Quality Products.  Prevail is now the #1 selling brand of incontinence products in North America. Their products are high quality, and their boxers are no exception. Despite being non-bulky, the offer all the absorbency a man needs, in the places men need it most. They are in fact, more absorbent then ordinary pull-on underwear.

This first to world product will be available in two sizes:

                               Watch this video:  How to choose the right incontinence product

The Care Giver Partnership is dedicated to providing our customers with the best the incontinence products.  We shop the world over looking for the best solutions. We believe these boxers are a much needed solution for men who want the normalcy of their traditional underwear, but need the protection offered by full protection pull-on incontinence underwear. We are currently taking pre-orders for this product (including samples).  Give us a call, and you will be put on our list to be let known when the Prevail Incontinence Boxers become available, or visit our site at http://www.caregiverpartnership.com/landing/prevail#8 to learn more.  Two count samples will be available in February - 2 for $3.49 S&H.  1-800-985-1353


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